Suzanne vs. GiGi

Suzanne vs. GiGi

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This match pitted the wily ring veteran Suzanne, 5'6", 128 lbs. against a big strong newcomer named Gigi who at 5'9" and 160 lbs. of female power is not someone you want to meet in a dark alley. Suzanne who was clad in a hot thong bikini that displayed her phenomenal body off stated in her pre-fight interview that it was her plan to overcome Gigi's superior size with her speed and ring experience. Gigi confidently explained that she was very athletic. In fact, she played basketball, volleyball and baseball for her college team and that she expected to do well. 

The match got off to a quick start with Gigi obtaining a quick submission on the surprised Suzanne. Suzanne who is filled with competitive spirit immediately launched her own savage attack with a headlock takedown. She made Gigi suffer for awhile underneath, but Gigi remained calm and eventually used her athletic ability to snare Suzanne in an agonizing set of head scissors that quickly procured Gigi another submission.

This was a spirited match with Suzanne doing her best to overcome Gigi's superior size and strength. Gigi strongly dominated her with head scissors, school boy pins, and other agonizingly painful moves. Although it was not totally one sided with Suzanne also landing a few submissions

Approx. 50 minutes

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