Roxy vs. Tiffany

Roxy vs. Tiffany

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Black Falcon Productions presesnts: Roxy vs. Tina, in "Catfight over Clothes"

Ever imagined what would happen when two super hot blondes get into a catfight?  Well don't give it any more thought because your heart will miss a beat as you see the super sexy and gorgeous blonde Roxy lash into the stunning blonde and beautiful Tiffany for borrowing her clothes without asking.  These girls truly mixed it up in the truest form of a catfight.  With skirts and dresses on these women began to go at it.  There was hair pulling, shrieking, slapping, groaning, screaming, and even a little clawing.  Both women seemed to swing from anger to school girlish fun back and forth.  Mixed into the catfight were some nice holds like body scissors, grapevines, and even a hammerlock.   About halfway into the fight Tiffany stripped Roxy's dress off so Roxy returned the favor.  You'll be delighted and filled with hunger as you see both women's breasts struggle to break out of their bikinis making the girls joke and play as they talk about their breasts.   Towards the end you'll hear Tiffany tell Roxy that she's enjoying having Roxy slap her butt.  Was she serious?  Judge for yourself when you add this spectacular catfight to your collection. 

Approximately 50 minutes

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