Wanna Bet? VHS

Wanna Bet? VHS

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Ever made a bet you knew you couldn't lose? When Joe found out that Lady Victoria was a wrestler, well he knew this was a sure thing. After all, how many ladies out there are able to do this kind of damage? When her reputation and $200.00 are on the line, Lady Victoria can be quite vicious. Don't think this is all one sided, Joe gets in a few good slaps, flips and throws in before the very dominate Lady Victoria gets pissed. Watch out for high intense action. Joe is hoisted into the more often than he is on the ground. After a while he becomes a ragdoll with Victoria throwing him all around, pinning him to the wall and lifting him by the BALLS! Watch out for deadly crotch kicks, followed by face smothering and scissors. After a while Joe can't take any more and almost gives up. Many stomach and crotch kicks. You can hear the impact as her boots nail him over and over again!


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