The Great Sasuke Volume Two 6 DVD-R Set

The Great Sasuke Volume Two 6 DVD-R Set

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A special collection featuring the rise of The Great Sasuke and his best matches and notable feuds.

Volume 2

Disc 7: Masked League 95

  1. Great Sasuke & Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs. Taka Michinoku & El Samurai (1/22/95)
  2. Great Sasuke vs. Stevie J (3/24/95)
  3. Great Sasuke vs. Gran Naniwa (7/27/95)
  4. Great Sasuke vs. Super Delfin (8/12/95)
  5. Great Sasuke vs. The Convict (8/13/95)
  6. Great Sasuke vs. Dos Caras (8/23/95)
  7. Great Sasuke vs. Dos Caras in a mask vs. mask tournament final (8/25/95)

Disc 8: Around the World

  1. Great Sasuke vs. Pantera (JIP, Early 1995)
  2. Great Sasuke & Kato Kung Lee vs. Super Delfin & Gran Naniwa (Clipped, 11/23/95)
  3. Great Sasuke, Kendo & Mima Shimoda vs. Super Delfin, Gran Naniwa & Sakie Hasegawa (12/17/95)
  4. Great Sasuke, Koji Nakagawa & Hayabusa vs. Super Delfin, Ricky Fuji & Taka Michinoku (12/21/95)
  5. Great Sasuke vs. Danny Boy Collins (From England, Clipped, 2/5/96)
  6. Great Sasuke, Hanzo Nakajima & Tiger Mask vs. Shiryu, Terry Boy & Sato (From England, 2/6/96)

Disc 9: Kaientai DX

  1. Great Sasuke vs. Shoichi Funaki (11/19/95)
  2. Great Sasuke, Shiryu & Tiger Mask vs. Gran Naniwa, Taka Michinoku & Shoichi Funaki (JIP, 3/15/96)
  3. Great Sasuke, Shiryu & Tiger Mask vs. Gran Naniwa, Super Delfin & Taka Michinoku (3/16/96)
  4. Great Sasuke vs. Shiryu (3/23/96)
  5. Great Sasuke & Super Delfin vs. Men's Teioh, Shiryu & Dick Togo (6/23/96)
  6. Great Sasuke, Super Delfin & Gran Hamada vs. Dick Togo, Shiryu & Mens Teioh (11/12/96)
  7. Great Sasuke, Super Delfin, Gran Hamada, Gran Naniwa & Masato Yakushiji vs. Dick Togo, Shiryu, Mens Teioh, Taka Michinoku & Shoichi Funaki (12/16/96)

Disc 10: J Crown

  1. Great Sasuke vs. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Jushin Liger (Sasuke wins title,4/29/96)
  2. Great Sasuke vs. Black Tiger (6/17/96)
  3. Great Sasuke vs. Masayoshi Motegi (8/2/96)
  4. Great Sasuke vs. El Samurai (8/4/96)
  5. Great Sasuke vs. Ultimo Dragon (8/4/96)
  6. Great Sasuke vs. Hayabusa (12/11/96)

Disc 11: Sky is the Limit

  1. Great Sasuke, Super Delfin, Norio Honaga, El Samurai & Gran Hamada vs. Dick Togo, Hanzo Nakajima, Shinjiro Otani, Koji Kanemoto & Mens Teioh (5/3/97)
  2. Great Sasuke, Gran Hamada & Gran Naniwa vs. Hanzo Nakajima, Dick Togo & Shoichi Funaki (5/5/97)
  3. Great Sasuke vs. Shoichi Funaki (5/11/97)
  4. Great Sasuke & Tiger Mask vs. Gran Hamada & Jinsei Shinzaki (6/22/97)
  5. Great Sasuke vs. Taka Michinoku Hype
  6. Great Sasuke vs. Taka Michinoku (10/10/97)
  7. Great Sasuke, Super Delfin & Gran Hamada vs. Men's Teioh, Dick Togo & Shoichi Funaki (11/21/97)

Disc 12: Death of the Great Sasuke

  1. Life & Death of the Great Sasuke
    This is a very odd piece that covers Great Sasuke when he was a rookie all the way up to the year 2000. The strange part is that the storyline is that is assassinated by a gunman and the film keeps on going to his funeral attended wrestlers who are all crying and upset by his passing. This is really bizarre but it is a perfect way to end this 12 disc set.


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