Steve Corino 2003 Shoot Interview DVD-R

Steve Corino 2003 Shoot Interview DVD-R

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The always articulate Steve Corino sat down with RF Video on June 24th for his third Shoot Interview. This one picks up right where the 2001 ended. Corino is open and honest in talking about it all including going into great detail on his recent arrest. Corino talks about his time and thoughts on the infamous riot and why he quit as color commentator. He talks in detail about owning and booking PWF in Pottstown. Corino gives all the scoops on what its like working in Japan and his behind the scenes role in Zero-One. This is a must see for Japanese fans as Corino takes you inside the Zero-One locker room. This shoot covers it all from his no rope barbed wire match vs. Terry Funk to NWA TNA to life on the indies.

-All the details on what happened at the Detroit airport when he was arrested.
-What he was arrested for.
-How the police treated him.
-What jail was like.
-Why he was held in custody for so long.
-Why he couldn't call his family.
-Who helped him the most while he had disappeared.
-Who the girl was that pressed charges.
-Why the charges were fake.
-His thoughts on the new story, which ran on Fox 29 in Philly.
-The repercussions of everything.
-How people reacted to his being arrested and missing the Boston 6/14 show.
-Why he wasn't on the FWA/ROH show in England.
-Being NWA champion.
-Why he didn't want the belt.
-Being owner and booker of PWF in Pottstown, PA.
-His favorite PWF angles.
-Who disappointed him in PWF.
-The hardest part of booking.
-The best part of booking.
-Why PWF never tried to run Philly.
-Why he is no longer involved with PWF.
-Did PWF ever make money?
-PWF going on TV.
-Being color commentator.
-Why he quit.
-Why he didn't feel he worked well with Donny B.
-Why he didn't go to XPW when they offered him a lot of money to walk out.
-Why he wanted to wrestle The Backseat Boyz at "Glory By Honor."
-His 45 minute match vs. Low Ki, Samoa Joe & American Dragon.
-Why he didn't think going 45 was a good idea.
-The infamous riot at the anniversary show.
-Did it go too far?
-The Zero-One USA shows last January.
-His role behind the scenes in Zero-One.
-Ohtani bumping for his son Colby.
-Colby's popularity in Japan.
-Americans he'd like to see in Zero-One.
-The travel schedule in Japan.
-What Zero-One looks for in American wrestlers.
-Working Tanaka in an ECW style match in Japan.
-What Zero-One offered Spanky not to go to WWE.
-Were the Zero-One USA shows a success.
-Going from wrestling in Japan to US indies.
-What are the best indies?
-What US promotions are the most over in Japan?
-Why Zero-One and NWA TNA have a poor relationship.
-Why AJ Styles hasn't gone back to Japan.
-Seeing Misawa vs. Kobashi live.
-All the details of the NOAH invasion.
-Why wrestling Misawa was a disappointment.
-What Misawa was like.
-The All Japan invasion.
-Low Ki's rise to stardom in Japan.
-Working in NOAH compared to Zero-One.
-Working Taka Michinoku in WEW.
-Why he hates Matt Ghaffari and how they almost fought once backstage.
-Wrestling Ogawa.
-His injury that he has kept secret for a year.
-Working and living in pain.
-Breaking his hand.
-What he thinks of his sister, Allison Danger, being in the wrestling business.
-His thoughts now on Paul Heyman.
-Owning the Extreme Horsemen name.
-Winning the MLW title.
-The no rope barbed wire match vs. Terry Funk.
-Why he did the match.
-Would he take a WWE contract?
-Working the first NWA TNA PPV.
-His thoughts on TNA.
-Why he doesn't work TNA more.
-His thoughts on the internet.
-Why he hated Raven.
-His thoughts on Raven now.
-Working Justin Credible in PWF.
-All this and much, much more.


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