Bobby Simmons Shoot Interview DVD-R

Bobby Simmons Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Bobby Simmons got his start refereeing for Ann Gunkels ASWA promotion during the Georgia wrestling wars.  He later went to work for Georgia Championship Wrestling and refereed some of the most historic matches of the 70s and 80s.  As an office employee, he was behind-the-scenes during the heyday of the Atlanta territory.  This is not just Bobbys story, but an indepth look at the pro wrestling business of one of the most talked-about territories of all time.

  Bobby's uncle
  The claw hold
  Hanging around the wrestling office
  Meeting Rocket Monroe
  Saturday mornings at the TV studio
  Being paid $70 a week
  The promotional war
  Tricks of the trade
  Memories of Ray Gunkel
  Working 17-hour days
  Making a 4-1/2 hour trip for $15
  Pre-match instructions
  "Get your own heat."
  "Shut up and kick the tires!"
  The history of the Sports Arena
  Tear gas in the phone booth
  Guarantees for referees
  Makeshift windshield wipers
  Argentina Apollo and the Golden Gladiator shoot
  Buck Robley fires Charlie Smith
  Introduction to Sputnik Monroe
  Meatless hamburger
  No-calorie strawberry pie
  Ann Gunkel vs The National Wrestling Alliance
  Promotional war
  Ann Gunkel calls it quits
  Slicing watermelon
  Working for the NWA
  Gorilla Watts
  Worries about job security
  Rubber stamp autographs
  Bearcat Wilkerson and blood
  Luke Graham's granddaughter
  Luke Graham and the 450-pound fan
  The Missouri Mauler
  Sheer terror
  The Mauler drops George Harben
  Rest in Peace, Charlie Harben
  Ox Baker potatoes Bobby
  Painted toenails
  Jerry Graham gets naked
  Women's underwear on the nightlight
  Ted Oates vs Wayne Cowan
  An autograph for Bobby
  Charlie Cook
  The Oriental Nerve Hold
  Assassin #2 vs Dick Steinborn
  Show cancelled due to sunshine
  Thunderbolt Patterson's basket
  Karl Gotch's teacher
  Wise advice from Jody Hamilton
  Atlanta's first masked babyface
  Mr. Wrestling unmasks himself


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