The Great Mephisto Shoot Interview DVD-R

The Great Mephisto Shoot Interview DVD-R

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The Great Mephisto started wrestling under his real name, Frankie Cain, but he was better known to wrestling fans under other names.   His career skyrocketed in the mid-60s when he and Rocky Smith, together with a young referee from Tennessee named J.C. 'Jimmy' Dykes as their manager, joined forces to form a tag team known as The Infernos.   The Infernos are a legend in wrestling circles and considered by many as the most famous masked tag team in the history of professional wrestling.   In the early '70s, Frankie removed the mask and began wrestling as The Great Mephisto.

  Introduction to pro wrestling
  The Toe Hold Club
  John Pesek
  The original Mephisto
  Ed "Strangler" Lewis
  Ali Aliba
  Jack Pfefer and Buddy Rogers
  Martino Angelo, enforcer
  Buddy Rogers does a job for Lone Eagle
  Frank's one-punch knockout
  Ed Lewis and medical science
  Lou Thesz shoots with Ed Lewis
  Waino Ketonen
  Speedy Larance shoots on Big Bill Miller
  Wrestlers vs Street Fighters
  The Masked Infernos and J.C. Dykes
  The water canteen
  Whistles, flash cards and flashlights
  Riots and killing heat
  J.C. Dykes
  Dory Funk Sr.
  Terrible Ted the bear
  The Masked Infernos
  The loaded boot
  A mark gets juiced
  Terry Funk goes to jail
  The Great Mephisto
  Bearcat Brown and Don Carson
  Ray Stevens
  Roy Shire and high spots
  Short payoff
  Mil Mascaras walks out
  Fritz gets choked out
  The piledriver
  Running opposition to Bill Watts


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