Don Fargo Shoot Interview DVD-R

Don Fargo Shoot Interview DVD-R

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    Don Fargo, along with wrestling "brother" Jackie Fargo, headlined Madison Square Garden on March 30, 1957.  Their match against Argentina Rocca and Miguel Perez drew 20,125 people and over $60,000, the biggest attendance and gate in the Garden up to that time.

    Besides teaming with Jackie, Don formed several tag teams during his career with wrestling's finest talents, including Greg Valentine, Ray Stevens, Rene Goulet, Jim Dillon, Ron Garfield, Eric Pederson, Chris Colt, and several others.

    In this no-holds barred interview, Don relates his career and tells tales of the road that he experienced during his career as a pro wrestler.  If you enjoy this interview just half as much as Don enjoyed telling it, you'll have a ball.

    Don talks about:
      Hell's Kitchen
      1st wrestling lesson
      Mr. Pittsburgh 1941
      Training in Columbus, Ohio
      $60 per week
      Florida, 1st territory
      The bull and the convertible
      Bobby Davis, 16-year-old manager
      To New York as Don Juan the Magnificent
      Honey Boy Dickie Bishop
      The Fabulous Fargos are born!
      Selling 200 photos to 22,000 fans
      "We'll burn our tights in the ring ...!"
      Street fight with Nick Kozak
      Buddy Rogers and Joe Louis on Harleys
      Don and Ray Stevens
      Blood capsules
      Buddy Rogers' training secrets
      Picking up a hitchhiker
      The Jones Boys
      Firing Bobby Davis, then getting fired
      On the road to Nashville ... culture shock!
      Jack Pfefer Master manager
      Jack Pfefer Outlaw promoter
      Jack Pfefer The name game
      Killing Gorgeous George's gimmick
      Pickles and beer
      Sneaking women into the hotel
      "Where's my cigar?"
      Storming into Nick Gulas' office
      Naked in the dressing room
      Naked at 100 mph
      Naked busted!
      Raining $$$$ in New York
      Spending money like it had no end
      Lighting cigars with $100 bills
      Eddie Graham teaches kids to swim
      Dick Steinborn and Don go to jail
      Lenny Montana and the diving board
      Johnny Valentine's car
      Roughhouse Fargo
      Ricky Starr to Skull Murphy "Get your best hold."
      Crashing Vince McMahon Sr's party (nak


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