Julius Smokes featuring Homicide Shoot Interview DVD-R

Julius Smokes featuring Homicide Shoot Interview DVD-R

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The DOI just sat down for our best shoot interview yet, as we just wrapped up a 3 hour shoot interview with TNA Tag Team Champion, Homicide and one of the best managers in professional wrestling today, Julius Smokes aka J-Train.


The DOI is aware of other companies who've done shoot interviews with Homicide, but DOI took it to the next level, as this is the longest shoot interview with Homicide on the market today! It's also the cheapest, allowing fans to get the most bang for their buck! Homicide's manager, the always opinionated J-Train, joins Homicide in this three hour shoot interview, as both tell tales from their careers.

This isn't your typical shoot interview with "Where are you from?" & "What's your sign?" type of questions, as the DOI asked all the hard-hitting questions to these two men.

Hear Homicide talk about his two huge title wins this year, as he recaps his TNA career and winning the ROH World Title at the end of 2006. Hear J-Train speak about his hatred for New Jack & Raven. The DOI didn't know what to expect with J-Train in the house, and after you watch this shoot, you'll never want to piss off J-Train in your life! J-Train speaks out against former ECW stars and shoots about everything on the wrestling scene.

Homicide, one never to shy away from a question, talks about everything in his career. Promotions discussed in-depth are JAPW, TNA, WXW, USA PW, UCW, WSU, 3PW, PWU, CZW, JCW, IWA-MS, PWG & more. Homicide talks about his classic matches and feuds with the likes of Samoa Joe, American Dragon, Steve Corino & others.

Homicide & J-Train also talk about tons of wrestlers on the indy & national level today. You'll be shocked to hear what they say.

For those who must know, the DOI also asks Homicide all about the Dan Maff/Danny Lopez situation. Get Homicide's reaction on tape for the first time ever on this shoot interview.

Both these stars also speak out very candidly on internet fans. For any fan who's ever even looked at the ROH Message Board, you won't want to miss out on what Homicide & J-Train say.

If you've never heard Homicide or J-Train speak openly before, you can trust us that you will get your money's worth with this huge shoot interview. For fans who know what Homicide & J-Train are about, you know we're not exaggerating when we tell you this is one of the best and most unique shoot interviews today. This is something you don't want to miss.

Like most shoot interviews, there were tons of more stuff asked than the questions below. Homicide & J-Train went off on tangents, and at points, J-Train sings for the camera! Here's just a brief look at the stuff we asked these two Rottweillers:

  • It is January 4th 2007 and we're less than 3 weeks removed from your huge ROH title win. What was going through your head, during, before & after the match and what's it like being the new ROH World Champ?
  • Was there any problems from TNA's end about you being ROH's world champion?
  • Being a TNA wrestler, how will it affect your ROH world title reign, if it will at all?


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