The Harris Brothers Shoot Interview DVD-R

The Harris Brothers Shoot Interview DVD-R

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If you want stories about bar fights, locker room confrontations, and in-ring issues, you have come to the right place. RF Video, Inc had the honor of sitting down with two of pro wrestling's biggest rebels who just happen to be twin brothers. Sit back and get ready for a wild ride, as RF Video, Inc. proudly brings you a one-of-a-kind event as we present the Ron and Don Harris Shoot Interview.
You have heard all of the tales and urban legends, but now find out the stories from the men themselves. The Harris brothers have a ton of great stories about the early days on the independents. From Smokey Mountain Wrestling to ECW, the Harris brothers cover their run to national prominence. Nobody is safe and the Harris brothers have nothing to hide as they tell their side of the story from the first time in this revealing shoot interview.
Nobody will ever accuse the Harris brothers of being politically correct. If the Harris brothers had a problem with you, it didn't matter who you were, you were in trouble. The Harris brothers recount in detail all of their many backstage confrontations and in-ring conflicts. Hear about the night that they had a conflict inside the ring with the Sandman in ECW and what happened after the match in the back with Sandman and Paul Heyman. Hear about their confrontations with the Godwinns and Lex Luger. The highlight of the interview is the boys recounting in great details what happened when they cornered Shawn Michaels in a locker room in Madison Square Garden. This is a story that you will never forget.
The Harris brothers also have stories about all of the legendary bookers and writers they have worked for in the business. Hear first-hand accounts of working with Jim Cornette, Vince McMahon, Vince Russo, and Paul Heyman. What were the differences in ECW and SMW? How did the WWE come up with their various gimmicks? Which did they like best? Who were their favorite and least favorite guys to work with in the WWE? The boys had a great time reminiscing and you will benefit as a fly on the wall listening to these great stories.
The boys also talk about their jump to WCW. What was their contractual status with the WWE at the time? What were the political differences in the WCW and WWE locker rooms? How did Vince Russo change from WWE to WCW? What was it like being so closely linked to the booker? Did they like WCW? Who did they enjoy and least enjoy working with? How did it compare with TNA Wrestling? What are their thoughts on Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett today? These are two guys with nothing to lose and you know it as they let it all hang out in this exciting RF Video Shoot Interview.
If you are looking for two guys who cut through the b.s. and give you the meat of the story, you've found it. Like them or not, you will appreciate the honesty and candidness of the Harris boys once you are finished watching this interview. It is with great excitement that RF Video, Inc. proudly presents the Ron and Don Harris Shoot Interview.

What did you guys do before getting into wrestling

Were you both fans

Whos idea was it to get into the business

How did you get into it

Who trained you guys

Did one of you guys pick it up faster than the other

How soon did you start working indys

Did you realize right away that this was something you could make money at

Memories of your first matches

How did you get into Memphis



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