Butch Reed Shoot Interview DVD-R

Butch Reed Shoot Interview DVD-R

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    RF Video finally sat down with Butch Reed on 10/22/04 in Long Island, NY for a complete shoot interview on his life and career.

    Here are some questions we asked Butch.

    -How did you get inot the business
    -What was your athletic background before you got into the business
    -Did you ever use steroids
    -How did you wind up goin from Bruce to Butch
    -Memories of working for Bob Geigel
    -Thoughts on Sam Muchinik
    -Memories of Jesse Ventura from your match in St Louis
    -Memories, thoughts on working for and with Harley Race
    -Memories of working with Bob Sweetan early in your career
    -Memories of Jim Duggan from Central States
    -Any good road stories from the area
    -Memories of Bruiser Brody, thoughts
    -Memories of working for World Class
    -Thoughts on the Von Erichs, drugs
    -Memories wrestling Kerry
    -Memories of Iceman Parsons
    -Memories of Gino Hernandez
    -Was Jake Roberts already a hardcore drug addict at this time
    -Memories of the Freebirds
    -Thoughts on Fritz as a booker
    -Memories of your run in Florida
    -Memories of Eddie Graham, thoughts on him as a booker
    -Memories of your first matches with Ric Flair
    -Memories of your match where Flair was accompanied by David and Kerry
    -Memories of your matches with David Von Erich
    -Thoughts on Dusty
    -Memories of Big John Studd
    -Thoughts on Angelo Mosca
    -Road stories
    -Did you encounter any racist old timers early in your career
    -Thoughts on working for Georgia and Ole Anderson
    -Memories of Randy Savage back then
    -How did you wind up in the Mid South
    -Thoughts on Bill Watts as a booker and a boss
    -Any good Watts stories
    -Do you think Watts was a bully
    -Memories/thoughts on Buddy Landel
    -Memories of Andre The Giant back in the territories as compared to the WWF
    -Memories/thoughts on Ted Dibiase
    -Memories of teaming with Jim Neidhart
    -Memories of Steve Williams'
    -memories of your matches with Magnum TA
    -memories of Mr. Wrestling 2
    -Memories of Terry Taylor
    -Memories of your babyface run in Mid South
    -How crazy were the crowds back then
    -Memories of Dick Slater
    -Memories of what some call the greatest angle of all time between you, Flair, and Slater - neckbrace angle
    -Do you think Watts was racist
    -Memories of your turn against JYD and your series with him
    -Rate JYD as a worker
    -Fav matches or moments
    -Talk about how hot the feud got
    -Do you think if Watts kept his TBS time slot he could have been a success nationally
    -Memories of your run as champ
    -What was the road schedule like
    -What was it like when JYD left for the WWF
    -Did Bill Watts blame you and JYD for the lower crowd at the Superdome in November 83
    -Memories of Eddie Gilbert
    -What lead to you finally leaving Mid South and returning to Central States
    -Whos idea was it to bleach your hair blonde in Central States
    -Memories of first meeting and working with Slick
    -Memories of your matches with Brody
    -What did you know at that time of Harley Race confronting Hogan at a WWF show
    -How did you wind up in the WWF
    -Were you and Slick a package deal
    -How were things different there then any of the territories you had worked previous
    -Was there any jealousy when you came being that someone was going to lose their spot
    -Initial thoughts on Vince Jr
    -Memories and thoughts on Hogan
    -Memories of your series with Koko
    -Memories of Wrestlemania 3
    -Why do you think you never had a major pay per view or tv run against Hogan
    -Who did you ride with in the WWF
    -Memories of matches with Steamboat, rate him?
    -How bad were drugs in the locker room during this time
    -Memories wrestling Bruno Sammartino on a Toronto house show
    -Did you feel Harley had sold out by going here
    -Memories of the Dynamite Kid
    -How different was it wrestling Duggan in the WWF compared to Mid South
    -Memories of your matches with Superstar Graham
    -Honky Tonk Man sa


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