Gary Wolfe Shoot Interview DVD-R

Gary Wolfe Shoot Interview DVD-R

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The mystery continues to unravel about the story of Extreme Championship Wrestling.
Gary Wolfe was one of the key eras in ECW's expansion from Eastern Championship Wrestling to the extreme conglomerate of the 1990s. Gary Wolfe was one of the first true utility players in ECW, making an impact in the tag team division and the singles division as a former ECW television champion. If there were stories to tell, Gary Wolfe is the man to tell them all.
Wolfe talks about all of his legendary angles and matches from ECW. Wolfe talks about the legendary tag team title win over Raven and Stevie Richards. Wolfe also talks about the Pitbulls in-ring and out of the ring rivalries with Public Enemy, the Eliminators, the FBI, the Gangstas, RVD and Sabu, and more. If you are looking for someone to take the high road, it won't be Gary Wolfe. Wolfe is brutally honest in documenting his extreme past.
Wolfe also opens up about the most realistic angle of his career. Only a few men have suffered the horrors of having their necks broken in a wrestling match. Gary Wolfe talks about the night he broke his neck against Shane Douglas. How did it happen? Does he hold Shane responsible? Does he hold Paul Heyman and ECW responsible? What did he think of turning a real-life nightmare into a wrestling angle? How did it impact his future in ECW? Wolfe opens up about the biggest struggle of his career and his life.
Wolfe also talks the struggles of keeping the Pitbulls together, while his partner enjoyed a singles push. Wolfe and Anthony Durante virtually disappeared from ECW for a brief time. What happened during that time period? Are the rum


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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 south jersey what what!!!, 4.4.2012
Reviewer: Christopher Gargiulo (Marietta, GA)

"other then the youshoots i own this is by far my favorite shoot interview i own