Gene Snitsky Shoot Interview DVD-R

Gene Snitsky Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Every wrestling fan dreams of the day that they get to walk down the aisle at WrestleMania. Thousands have tried, and only a few have made it. RF Video had the golden opportunity to talk to someone who successfully achieved that dream. You may know him by one name, and that name is Snitsky. RF Video is proud to present to you our newest shoot interview with Gene Snitsky.

Snitsky's story is a fascinating and an inspirational one. Snitsky is one of a few rare breed of wrestlers who jumped from the NFL to pro wrestling. Snitsky talks in depth about his background in football leading up to pro wrestling. Snitsky tells a really fun recruiting story that didn't work out in his favor. Snitsky continues a relationship with his line coach in college who is now one of the most successful NFL head coaches in the game. Who is it and what kind of influence did he have on Snitsky?

Snitsky tells his story about a chance meeting that turned into his first world tour in pro wrestling. Snitsky talks about training with the same man who trained Mickey Rourke, WWE Hall of Famer Afa the Wild Samoan. What does Snitsky think of the Samoans? How big of an influence is Afa in his career to this day? How difficult was the training and how did it compare to the NFL? Snitsky has some great stories about his foray into pro wrestling.

Snitsky also talks about the long road to the WWE. Snitsky talks about all of the jobs he took in order to pay the bills as he pursued his dream. Did he ever get frustrated? Snitsky talks about his days on the independents and the cast of characters he met. Who tried to help him and who tried to cash in on him? Snitsky hears a story for the first time about a big local promotion that wanted him, but was told by someone that they had to book others to get him. Snitsky had no idea until now and you will see his reaction first hand in the interview.

Snitsky talks about his tryout match to get into the WWE. Did he like it? Snitsky also goes into detail about his time in OVW. What did Snitsky think of Jim Cornette? What happened when someone tried to rib him on his first weekend? What was the most difficult thing about training in OVW? Who did he enjoy wrestling and who helped him most at this time?

Everyone waits for "the call." Snitsky talks about getting that call to appear on RAW for the first-time. Who did he tell? Snitsky takes us through his entire first day at RAW. What were his initial impressions of Kane? Who worked with Snitsky early on? Who did he spend the most time with doing promos? What did he learn working every night with Kane and how did it impact him later on?

Snitsky talks about working with all of the WWE's top stars. Snitsky has opinions and thoughts on everyone from Triple H to Randy Orton. Snitsky has a great story about the first time he worked with John Cena on RAW. What wrestler consoled an upset Snitsky after Snitsky thought he was going to get fired? Why did he think he'd get fired? Who did he ride with? Along with the stories in the ring, come the fun travel stories outside of the ring.

Snitsky is most known for some outrageous gimmicks and angles. What was the story behind that odd angle wit


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