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Glacier Shoot Interview DVD

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One of the most remembered names from the peak of the WCW-era is Glacier. Glacier for better or worse was one of WCW's biggest projects at the peak of the company. For the first time, Glacier takes off the mask and tells his story and what it was like to be in WCW's locker room at the height of the Monday Night Wars.

Glacier didn't just start wrestling in the late 1990s. Glacier had actually wrestled previously in WCW. Hear about Glacier's first run in WCW and his series of matches with Great Muta. What did Muta do for Glacier's career? How did this impact his career many years later?

Glacier takes us back to his rookie years on the independents. Glacier opens up about what life was like for an independent wrestler in the 1980s. Did he make money? Who were his favorite opponents? What veteran gave him his ring name? The road to Nitro was a long one and we go back to beginning with Glacier.

Glacier also goes in depth about his relationship with Eric Bischoff. Glacier talks openly about how he was introduced to Bischoff and who did it. How did their meeting turn into "Glacier?" Who's idea was the gimmick? Did he like it? What were the original plans and how did they evolve?

Glacier's ring entrance was one of the biggest of all-time for that period in WCW. Glacier takes us behind the scenes of the elaborate entrance. How much money did it cost WCW? Who designed the set? Did it work? Was it changed or altered?

With Glacier's push came jealous from the less fortunate. Glacier opens up and talks about who was openly jealous and campaigning against him in WCW. Glacier also talks about the immense heat he got for his friendship with Eric Bischoff. It wasn't all roses being a top guy in WCW in the 1990s.

Glacier also talks openly about some of his opponents from WCW and what they were like in and out of the ring. What was it like working with DDP, Bryan Clark, and Chris Kanyon? Who was his favorite opponent and who he least liked to work with? What was his favorite match?

We also talk about Glacier's trips to Japan. Glacier talks about openly about being a foreign wrestler in Japan. What was it like working for one of the pioneers of MMA in UWFI? Glacier talks about Vader, Nobuhiko Takada, and several others he worked with in UWFI. Was it worked and how much?

Glacier talks about the roller coaster of ideas that WCW had for him over his years in WCW. Remember Coach Stein? How about working with James Vandenberg? Glacier also talks about meeting Lou Thesz and what it meant to him.

Glacier also adds a new dimension to our segments on ribbing. Who ribbed who? What was the best rib he ever saw? Glacier has some great ribbing stories involving Chris Jericho, James Vandenberg, and more. Glacier also talks about opening up TCW with Dusty Rhodes and if he liked working with the Dream.

Beyond the mask came a great deal of respect I had for Glacier following this interview. With nothing to lose, Glacier is one of the most honest and revealing wrestlers in RF Video history. Don't miss out on this fun and at times shocking shoot interview.

Can you talk about your athletic background
When did you start practicing karate
How old were you when you started to compete
Can you talk about your early competitions
If UFC and MMA were around back then, would you have entered it
What drew you to wrestling
How did you meet Fred Alvery
Howd you get started
Was the training more difficult than you thought
Memories of your first match
Is it true that Tommy Rich gave you your name
How long did you work local indys
Was wrestling easy with your karate background
Did any of the vets try and test you
Did any vets mentor you
How soon did you wind up traveling the indys outside Georgia
Can you talk briefly about the scene in Georgia
How did you get into WCW in 89
Memories of your match with Butch Reed
You once said about Reed "To be in


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