Jerry Lynn Shoot Interview DVD

Jerry Lynn Shoot Interview DVD

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    Former ECW World Champion.
    Former TNA X-Division Champion.
    Former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion.
    Journeyman Wrestler and Crusierweight Legend.

    The New FN Show comes DVD for the FIRST TIME EVER in a shocking new shoot interviewand he's PISSED!

    Jerry Lynn, a name synonymous with quality wrestling, has been everywhere in the wonderful world of pro wrestling. He's wrestled under a hood as Mr. JL on Nitro. Had career defining matches against RVD in ECW. Was one of the forefathers of TNA's much heralded X-Division in the company's early existence. Had well respected WWE Light Heavyweight Championship run that was sparked with controversy. Lynn has traveled up and down the long road of wrestling and has seen it all. Now he's come to RF Video for an exclusive shoot interview that allows him to speak his mind openly on his travels and career.

    Without any restrictions, Jerry was finally free to air his feelings on many subjects in his career that he has had to keep a lid on until now. You'll get his first hand thoughts on every subject imaginable including, ECW, WWE, Japan, TNA, Global, CZW, 3PW, WCW and every other Podunk wrestling company he worked in between. You want to see bridges get burned? Well hold on tight as Jerry's holding the match and is ready to light a humongous fire!

    Long time ECW fans are going to finally here what Lynn thought about all the big names in the company. Paul Heyman. Steve Corino. RVD. Tajiri. Rhino. Justin Credible. Stuff that has never been talked about before finally comes to the front of the table. Bounced checks. Finally being given the strap. Sandman naked in the ring down in Florida. Refusing to work the last PPV against Van Dam. It's all here and so much more!

    But it's not just ECW as Lynn spends a lot of time in the other three circuses he was at, WWE, WCW, and TNA. You'll hear about his infamous matches with X-Pac. You'll get Lynn's true feelings on Dixie Carter. You'll discover who the three WCW workers were that sabotaged his career. This is one of the most incendiary shoots that has ever beenand we couldn't be prouder of it. Three solid hours of one of wrestling's best hands being able to speak without limits for the first time.

    How did you break into the business
    What were your life plans before wrestling
    Who did you enjoy watching growing up
    Memories of Brad Rheingans
    Memories of your first match
    Memories of Horace the Psychopath
    Memories of Lenny Lane
    Memories of wrestling in the CWA
    Thoughts on Jerry Jarrett
    What do you remember about your first matches with Sean Waltman
    Did you think you had something special
    Did you guys get any heat early on or in Global from the vets for having such a high flying match
    How did you get into Global
    Memories of Joe Pedicino
    Memories of Scott Levy
    Memories of Mick Foley
    Did you think Global would succeed
    Why did you leave Global
    Memories of Crossing the Bridge and how that came about
    Memories of the UWF and teaming with Sean
    How did you wind up in Michinoku Pro
    Memories of your tours
    Memories and thoughts on Taka Michinoku
    Memories and thoughts on Great Sasuke
    Is Sasuke�s ego was big as some people say
    Was the style hard on your body
    Who gave you the Sultan gimmick
    Did you like wrestling with a mask
    How come you didn�t stay long in Smokey Mountain
    Thoughts on Jim Cornette
    You had some WWF tryout matches, how did they come about
    How did they go
    How did the locker room treat you
    How did you wind up in WCW
    Initial impressions of Eric Bischoff
    Who�s idea was it to put the mask on you
    Memories of your matches with Sabu
    Were you frustrated working there
    Memories of matches with Dean Malenko
    Memories of matches with Chris Jericho
    How bad were the politics over there
    How bad


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