Zach Gowen Shoot Interview DVD-R

Zach Gowen Shoot Interview DVD-R

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This shoot interview series is with a man who was dealt a bad hand in life and managed to use his handicap to go to the top of the wrestling world in a very short time. With one leg and a lot of guts and heart, Zach Gowen went from the Michigan independents, to TNA, straight to WWE in an amazing story of hope, determination, and a cameo from Mr. America! We sat down with Zach Gowen for a two hour shoot that covers his entire career to date The rise, the fall, and the current state of the former Tenacious Z. You've heard the gossip and rumors, now hear the other side of the story!

Gowen worked with Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, The Big Show, Hulk Hogan and many others during his meteoric rise while in WWE and Zach explained what it was like working with the heavyweights of the business. In the course of two months, Zach went from winning a WWE contract to a semi main event singles match with Vincent Kennedy McMcMahon on Pay Per View. Now, Zach talks about his entire career, including the fallout from his WWE experience. Now, Zach sits down and talks about working the indys, going back to TNA, and what his future in wrestling is. A great shoot for fans of a tremendous wrestling story.

  • How did you break into the business?
  • Were you a fan growing up?
  • How did you find out you had cancer and how serious was it?
  • How did you break into the buisiness?
  • What was the training like and when people found out about your leg did they discourage you?
  • How did the trainers treat you and were they any different with you?
  • How were the guys to work with in the ring? Did they try to baby you or did they treat normal?
  • How hard was it to do the moonsault?
  • Did you ever get discouraged?
  • Talk about matches with Truth Martini March 2002
  • What was it like working in front of a crowd and did he get any bad heat?
  • Talk about some of the indys that you worked for before TNA?
  • In Jan 2003 you had dark match with Truth Martin what was that like?
  • How did he get into TNA?
  • What was it like


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