Harry Smith Shoot Interview DVD-R

Harry Smith Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Check out this new intriguing shoot interview with one of the fastest rising superstars in the industry and a son of a wrestling legend, "The Stampede Bulldog", Harry Smith. Being the son of the legendary wrestler Davey Boy Smith, "The British Bulldog".

Harry's sit down shoot interview is by far a dark horse interview in the sence, because of his extensive knowledge and stories of the wrestling business, despite Harry only being 19 years old. This new star on the horizon is of course part of wrestling hierarchy, being a member of the Hart Family in Calgary. Harry recalls awesome stories involving his father and his partner The Dynamite Kid, plus stories involving Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Stu Hart & Jim Neidhart. Also remember Harry has stories involving his mother Diana Smith, who also had a managerial run in WWF as well. Harry talks about being groomed in the business and actually receiving his first match in the WWF with his cousin Teddy Hart, when he was an amazing 11 years old. Harry also discusses the pain of losing his father, Owen, Stu, and all of the drama of the Hart household. He also discusses how Bret and Chris Benoit are now helping in guiding this can't miss superstars bright future. Find out what his future might be as Harry talks about MLW, New Japan, Teddy Hart, U.S. independents, TNA & WWE. Compare Shawn Michaels to Bret Hart's shoot interviews as this interview gives the best honest third party inside view to many of the most intriguing questions burning the minds of fans throughout the world.

  • What are your earliest memories of your father
  • How did you cope with your father being away so much
  • What are your earliest memories of Stu and Helen
  • What is the best story Stu ever told you
  • Earliest memories of Teddy
  • Were you a wrestling fan immediately
  • Did you travel on the road with your dad
  • Were you ever exposed toyour dad's susbtance problems
  • Did you ever ask your dad about Dynamite
  • Your dad was a legendary ribber. Did he ever rib you in the house
  • What do you remember about your dad's workout routine and eating lifestyle
  • Your mom was part of a few angles, do you think she liked it
  • How close were you to Bret and Owen
  • Any good Owen stories
  • Any good Bret stories
  • Are you still close to Bret
  • What are some of your favorite matches featuring your dad
  • How did your dad react to you wanting to wrestle
  • What was the best thing he taught you
  • Thoughts on Vince McMahon


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