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Chris Candido Shoot Interview DVD

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Amazing, truthful, entertaining is what we can say about our 4 hour shoot interview with "No Gimmicks Needed" Chris Candido that was conducted 1/6/05.This interview shows the Rise and Fall of Chris Candido with nothing held back. We left no rock unturned in this shoot interview that talks about drugs, sex, and of course pro-wrestling.

Beforeconducting this interview we let Chris know that we were going to ask him everything from the rumors of wrestlers sleeping with Tammy (HBK and Davey Boy Smith), his drug use with Tammy that has damaged their careers and all of the most controversial stories that go with it. NOBODY has ever been open as Chris was with his drug use.

The interview starts off taking a look back into the early life of Chris as a child. We discuss how he started to watch wrestling as a kid through his grandfather. You will hear how he would learn how to wrestle by wrestling him in their home. Chris talks about the first time he ever met Balls Mahooney. We then discuss how Chris got started on his own with local indy promoters around the northeast. You will hear all about the training that he went through and what local promoters helped him. We talk about how he would set up rings back in the 80's for NWA and what wrestlers helped him learn his trade.

After we discuss how he got hooked up with Larry Sharpe, Dennis Coraluzzo and meeting Tammy for the first time. We then talk about his first trip down to the Memphis territory and how he got to work with Tom Prichard, Bill Dundee and alot of the other top talent that was there at the time. Chris talks about tagging and meeting Sabu for the first time and there are a million road stories that are hilarious from this time period. You will hear how Sabu almost quit after he got his first pay check and why Candido had to walk around town with a bag over leatherface's head at all time. He talks about working with Eric Embry and all of the stuff he learned with him during his first match down there. We talk about his long car rides from all of the towns and what he learned on those rides. There are a ton of great stories that Chris tells from this time period as well.

Chris than talks about how he got back into the indy scene around the NJ area when he came back until he met Eddie Gilbert and Jim Cornette. We talk about how he went down to SMW wrestling and what he learned from that territory. We talk all about his classic feuds with down there with Bobby Blaze, Tracey Smothers, Rock N' Roll Express and many more. We talk about how Tammy first broke into wrestling as a valet and some of the stuff they went through as a couple.

Chris talks about how he got a call from the WWE to get into the company while working for Smokey Mountain Wrestling. You will hear why he hated it there from day one. This is where the interview starts to get very interesting as we talk about Tammy and his relationship. Chris brought up how he did not like his first gimmick in WWF and how it evolved over time. He talks about his tag partners from Louie Spicolli to Tom Prichard. Chris discusses how WWF really wanted Tammy even if he was there or not. He then talked about other problems he had in the WWF with Shawn Michaels and how HBK said he slept with Tammy. We ask him point out if he thinks she slept with any of the guys behind his back. We asked Chris all about the stories about Tammy and Bulldog and many more. Chris addresses all of these rumors. There is so much said that I do not want to ruin it here so you have to get this interview.

We talk also about how he went over to FMW with Sabu. He talks about how Sabu got all of his scars and what he saw Sabu do to himself to get them. It is a crazy story and you must hear it. We talk about his tour of ALL Japan and how Stan Hanson almost killed him for a rib. What happened after his match with Jushin Liger?

There is so much WWF stories and what he went through with the office while he was there. How he got along with the


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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 brutally honest, 9.2.2005
Reviewer: jon martin (westland, MI)

"I had heard a lot about this interview


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