Best of Puerto Rico - Volume 2 DVD-R Set

Best of Puerto Rico - Volume 2 DVD-R Set

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Best of Puerto Rico - Volume 2
6Disc Set
All Discs Have Spanish Commentary
Disc 1 - WWC's Anniversary show for 1990

1. Chicky Starr vs. Chris Youngblood
2. Agulita Solitaria & Mascarita Sagrada vs. Espectrito & Piritita Morgan
3. Atkie Malumba vs. Scott Hall
4. Invader I vs. Leo Burke
5. Zeus vs. Abdullah the Butcher
6. Los Mercenaries vs. M. Perez & H. Castillo
7. Los Medicos vs. The Rougeau Brothers
8. Candy Devine vs. Monster Ripper
9. Carlos Colon vs. TNT

Disc 2 - WWC 1991 Anniversary Show (07-06-91)

1- Ricky Santana vs. Action Jackson in a loser leaves town match (15:13)
2- The Samoan Swat Team (Fatu & Samu) vs. Miguel Perez Jr. & Hurricane Castillo Jr. (15:04)
3- Invader #1 vs. Ronnie Garvin in a taped fist match (9:13)
4- Monster Ripper vs. El Profe (6:40)
5- WWC Universal Champion Carlos Colon vs. Dino Bravo with El Vikingo as the special guest referee (13:48)
6- Demolition (Smash & Crush) vs. TNT & Giant Warrior (15:30)
7- Hugo Savonovich vs. Billy Travis (4:42)

Disc 3 - Great Tag Team Battles, 1991

1. 8-Man Tag Team Match
Rock 'n' Roll Express & The Youngbloods vs. Ninja Express (Mr. Pogo & Kendo Nagasaki) & Kansas Jayhawks (Bobby Jaggers & Dan Kroffat)
2. Midget Tag Team Match
Cowboy Cotrill & Karate Kid vs. Little Tokyo & Killer Cruz
3. Invader I & Nogami vs. Original TNT & Rod Price
4. Grudge Tag Team Match
Carlos Colon & Miguelito Perez vs. The Sheepherders
5. 6-Man Tag Team Match
The Patriot, Invader I, Carlos Colon vs. Dick Murdoch, Dick Slater, Fidel Sierra
6. The Head Hunters vs. Fidel Sierra & Randy Rhodes
7. Invader I, Invader III, Mil Mascaras vs. Dory Funk, Terry Funk, and Ron Starr
8. Street Fight Rules
Ricky Santana & Rex King vs. The HeartBreakers (Apollo & Adonis)

Disc 4 - Superstars of Caribbean Wrestling - 1986

1. The Sheepherders vs. The Invaders (Barbwire)
2. Carlos Colon vs. Abdullah the Butcher (Revenge Match)
3. Kamala vs. Jimmy Valiant
4. Hercules Ayala vs. Ric Flair (NWA World Title)

Disc 5 - Superstars of Caribbean Wrestling - 1991

1. Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. Ninja Express (Kendo Nagasaki & Mr. Pogo)
2. WWC Ladies Championship Candie Warrior vs. Monster Ripper
3. Giant Warrior & Scott Hall vs. Kim Duk & Barbarian
4. Carlos Colon vs. Randy Savage
5. Invader I & Bronco I vs. The Samoan Swat Team w/ Skandor Akbar
6. Mexican Midget Match Mascarita Sagrada vs. Piratita Morgan
7. Fire Match The Super Medics vs. Eric Embry & Richie Valentine
8. Indian Strap Match The Youngblood Brothers vs. Dan Krawford & Bobby Jaggers
9. TNT vs. Abdullah the Butcher
10. Hair vs. Hair Miguelito Perez vs. Super Black Ninja (Great Muta)
Disc 6 - Superstars of Caribbean Wrestling - 1992
1. Great Muta vs. Invader # 3
2. Jeff Jarrett vs. Ivan Koloff
3. Fujinama vs. Dr. Death
4. King Kong vs. TNT
5. Interview - Carlos Colon
6. Carlos Colon vs. Warlord
7. Ricky Santana vs. Eric Embry
8. Miguelito Perez vs. Greg Valentine
9. Giant Warrior vs. The Barbarian
10. The Headhunters vs. Alex Porto & ?


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