Tracy Smothers Ringside Chat DVD-R

Tracy Smothers Ringside Chat DVD-R

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    The wild-eyed Southern boy doesn't ever disappoint! 

    Tracy Smothers has been here, there and everywhere! This 20+ year veteran sits down with Highspots for another edition of Ringside Chat! Some of the topics covered...

    - Memories of his favorite wrestlers as a kid.
    - How he got into the business.
    - What Steve Keirn's biggest mistake was.
    - How hard it was to manage working a regular job and trying to be a wrestler.
    - Tojo Yamamoto's thoughts on him as a wrestler.
    - His first big break.
    - His time in Florida.
    - Working with New Breed.
    - His time in Continental.
    - Working with The Stud Stable.
    - How he met Steve Armstrong.
    - How he got into NWA/WCW.
    - Why Dusty Rhodes hated him and Steve Armstrong.
    - His first trip to Japan with Los Brazos.
    - Working with The Midnight Express.
    - Why 'The Southern Boys' became 'The Young Pistols'.
    - Working with The Master Blasters.
    - Thoughts on the constant booker changes in WCW & how it affected him.
    - Which bookers he liked and which he disliked.
    - Why Steve Armstrong left WCW.
    - What he did after WCW released him.
    - Going to Japan to work for All Japan Pro Wrestling.
    - Wrestling with Steve Williams, Terry Gordy & Joel Deaton.
    - Who convinced him to return to the wrestling world?
    - Thoughts on Jim Cornette & Smokey Mountain Wrestling.
    - A special description of the typical Southern wrestling fan in the mountains.
    - What he thinks Jim Cornette wanted to accomplish with SMW.
    - How good did guys get paid by Cornette?
    - Thoughts on The Gangstas in SMW.
    - Why he had to step in and stop the police from going after New Jack once.
    - Thoughts on a young Chris Candido.
    - Working his first ever ladder match.
    - Why he thinks SMW eventually folded.
    - Comparisons between Jim Cornette & Paul Heyman.
    - Working W*ING as Jason The Terrible.
    - Thoughts on Mr. Pogo and the time Pogo shot on him.
    - Why nobody wants to work with Mr. Pogo.
    - His opinion on the hardcore style of W*ING and IWA Japan.
    - The Gilberts shooting over in Japan.
    - Thoughts on some of the younger All Japan guys at the time he was over such as: Misawa, Akiyama, Kawada, Taue & Kikuchi.
    - Working with Giant Baba.
    - Who gave him the Freddie Joe Floyd gimmick & how the name was thought up.
    - Thoughts on his old SMW buddies getting gimmicks such as T.L. Hopper & Santa Xlaus.
    - What did Jim Cornette think of the gimmicks.
    - The only good thing the WWF did with him.
    - How he got into ECW.
    - Who he was brought in to put over.
    - Thoughts on the ECW locker room.
    - Great story about New Jack kicking a fan out of the locker room.
    - How the FBI was formed.
    - His thoughts on fellow FBI members.
    - Memories of his famous ECW promos.
    - Did Paul Heyman ask him to do anything else beside wrestle?
    - Training wrestlers in the WWF development c


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    4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 Ringside Chat, 7.29.2009
    Reviewer: Jason Worthing (Trenton, NJ)

    "This was a very open and honest shoot that covered his humble start to his trips to Japan


    4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 Wild Eyed Southern Boy, 7.29.2009
    Reviewer: mickey dunne (flushing, NY)

    "Good shoot


    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Tracy Smothers, 7.29.2009
    Reviewer: Paul Lynch (Astoria, NY)

    "Awesome shoot. Tracy is a great interviewee. Completely honest about everything and he's a funny guy. I like how he talks about his beginnings in wrestling and still working a day job because for some reason nobody ever mentions that in their shoots. So it's cool to finally hear about someone making the transition from everyday life to pro wrestling