IWR Bar Room Brawl 2 (06-27-03) Double DVD-R

IWR Bar Room Brawl 2 (06-27-03) Double DVD-R

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IWR had their second huge Bar Room Brawl, which is actually as it says, a wrestling event in a bar. IWR is Detroit's best promotion for both great wrestling action and as well as hardcore madness.

This event featured A.J. Styles, who was the NWA World Champion at the time in a fantastic main event that also features Chris Sabin (who was NWA-TNA X Division Champion at the time), Bryer Wellington, Truth Martini, Jimmy Jacobs and N8 Mattson. This match was one of the best the group has ever seen.

Two camera angles used.

  1. Elvis Elliot vs. Mark Gjoka
  2. Conrad Kennedy III vs. Mr. Insanity
  3. Jimmy Shalwin & Jay the Cable Guy vs. Klunk the Clown & Badunk-a-dunk
  4. Mr. Insanity & Deranged vs. Frankie the Face & Jamie CoxXx
  5. For 98% Control of IWR: Josh Movado vs. Bubba Mackenzie
  6. Andy Muscat vs. Bobby Bambino
  7. 8-Man Tag, First Pin wins IWR Championship: Bryer Wellington, N8 Mattson, Truth Martini & Anthony Rivera vs. A.J. Styles, Chris Sabin, Jimmy Jacobs & Elvis Elliot

DVD Bonus:

  • Mad Man Pondo vs. Hollywood Chuck Hogan is a lightbulbs, thumbtacks, table, chairs and more DEATH MATCH.


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