Lost Lucha 10 Disc DVD-R Set

Lost Lucha 10 Disc DVD-R Set

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    Lost Lucha
    10 Disc Set
    PLEASE NOTE: The quality of some of this footage maybe sub-par and some matches my be shot with a handheld camera, but all this footage is rare, classic and historical. Even with the errors it is still a must see DVD set for any Lucha Libre fan.
    Disc 1

    1. Psicosis,Halloween & KGB (NWO Sting) vs. Calo, Winners & Ultraman
    -First table broken in AAA history!(AAA HH, 11/03/95 in Tijuana)
    2. Psicosis & Halloween vs. Ultraman & Leon Negro
    -Barbed Wire Cage Match (AAA HH, 12/25/95 in Tijuana)
    -Psicosis leg drop from cage, through a table, to the floor
    3. Pegasus Kid, Vampiro Canadiense & Rayo de Jalisco vs. Pierroth, Negro Casas & Mano Negro (CMLL TV Summer 1994)
    4. Pegasus Kid, Vampiro & Rayo de Jalisco vs. Silver King, El Dandy & Texano
    5. Extended Clips from the 1994 Year in Review:
    - LA Steel Cage Match between Konan and Jake Roberts
    - Includes Macarita Sagrada's Dive off the Top of the Cage
    6. Rey Misterio Jr vs. Vulcano
    7. Heavy Metal vs. Jerry Estrada
    Disc 2

    1. Rey Misterio Jr., Super Calo, Misterioso & Volador vs. Blue Panther, Psicosis, Heavy Metal & Piromancia (Zacatecas, MX 08/11/95)
    2. Ultimo Dragon,Pantera & Solitario Jr vs. Bestia Salvaje, Enrique Javes & Love Machine 2 (Mexico City, 08/13/95)
    3. Rey Misterio vs. Juventud Guerrera (Las Playas, BC 12/10/95)
    4. Venum, Discovery, Luxor, Boomerang & Frisbee vs. Halloween, Perro Silva, Baby Sharon & Quarterback (Puebla, early 1995)
    -Venum does Asai moonsault into the crowd
    5. Talk Show with Super Pacateclas in action
    6. Hell Blazer vs. Blitzkreig (Tokyo, 09/15/96)
    Disc 3

    1. "Love Machine" Art Barr, Eddie Guerrero & Blue Panther vs. Hijo del Santo, Tiger Mask III (Kanemoto) & Lizmark (AAA TV, 04/16/94 at Reynosa Tamps)
    2. Hijo Del Santo, Durango Kid & Kid Ice vs. Pirata Morgan, Poison & Little Haystack (from the Anahiem Indoor Market Place on 02/09/97)
    3. Hijo del Santo & Negro Casas vs. Scorpio Jr & Bestia Salvaje (04/04/97, Tijuana)
    4. "A TV show from England starring Johnathan Ross. This episode takes an in depth look at the Mexican horror/Lucha Libre movie genre
    Disc 4

    1. Los Officiales & Maniac Cop vs. Salsero, Cuervo, Mastadonte & Circus (strap match which aired on 06/14/97 of IWRG)
    2. Vampiro Canadiense, Torero & Pantera vs. Villano 3, Mascara Ano Dos Mil & Sismo
    3. Int with Rey Mendoza and his sons, Los Villanos (aired 06/14/97 of Promo Azteca)
    4. Psicosis,Nygma & Black Dragon vs. Lizmark Jr, Pantera & Angel Azteca (aired 06/14)
    5. Konan, Hector Garza & Tarzen Boy vs. Blue Panther, Dandy & Panterita Del Ring
    6. Rey Misterio Jr & Durango vs. Psicosis & Damien 666 (12/23/95 HH from Compton)
    7. Interviews with Konnan, Aguayo, Love Machine, Eddie Guerrero & Satanico
    Disc 5

    1. Movie in the jungle about Kamala (CMLL TV around 1991)
    2. Black Magic & Pierroth interviews
    3. Kamala,Satanico & Emilio Charles vs. Dandy, Atlantis & Rayo de Jalisco
    4. Brief history of Roberts vs. Konnan feud (AAA TV '94)
    5. Hair vs. Hair: Konnan vs. Jake Roberts (05/27/94, Tijuana)
    This was the match that broke the all-time attendance record in Tijuana! Specatular entrance by Konnan
    6. Rocky Boy, Marabunta & Reptil vs. Super Kiss, Apollo & TigerMan
    "Why this match? It featurs some of todays Stars in different (previous) gimmicks".
    7. Halloween, Damien 666,Enfermero & Arandu vs. Rey Misterio, Thunderbird, Leon Negro & Arandu (12/08/96)
    8. Los Payosos at Knotts Berry Farm
    Disc 6

    1. Rey Misterio & Rey Jr vs. Fuerza & Juventud Guerrero (02/25/95 AAA at Puerto Vallarta)
    This is a uncle/nephew v. father/son matchup
    2. Rayo de Jalisco and Silver King workout and are interrupted by Pierroth and Dr. Wagner (02/25/95 CMLL TV)
    3. Super Boy, Crazy Boy & Chalmaca Rebelde vs. Bobby Bradly, Durango Kid & Sarco (May '96 HH).
    "This is a shoot incident where an old time luchador Rebelde won't go for a planned spot with Bradley, so he gives him a shoot DDT and slaps him around".
    4. Hector Garza, Silver King & Durango Kid vs. Super Boy, Dr. Wagner & Gran Markus (HH 06/02/96, Orange County CA)
    5. Interview with Antichristo, Onita Jr & Hayabusa interview (early '93)
    6. Mondo, Chavo & Antichristo vs. Hayabusa, Ultraman 2000 & Onita Jr
    7. Headhunters vs. Hector Garza & La Fiera (08/06/95, Mexico City)
    Disc 7

    1- Sangre Chicana,Felino & Negro Casas vs. Ultimo Dragon, Oro & Pantera
    2- Pierroth vs. Haku
    3- Rey Misterio Jr. & ? vs. Damien 666 & ?
    4- Dr. Wagner Jr. & Cien Caras vs. Ultraman & ?
    5- Louie Spicolli & ? vs. Superboy & Oro
    6- Crazy Boy & Picudo vs. ?
    Disc 8

    1- Clips of Mascarita Sagrata & Octagoncito vs. Jerrito Estrada & Mini Black Cat
    2- Clips of Hijo del Santo,Perro Aguayo, Mascarita Sagrata & Mexicano vs. Norio Honaga, Chris Benoit, Black Tiger & Black Cat
    3- Gran Hamada, Great Sasuke,El Samurai & Shinjiro Otani vs. Konnan, La Parka, Blue Panther & Psicosis
    4- Santo, Perro Aguayo,Mascarita Sagrata & Mexicano vs. Gran Hamada, Great Sasuke, El Samurai & Shinjiro Otani
    5- Blue Panther, La Parka & Konnan vs. Gran Hamada,Perro Aguayo & Mexicano
    6- Hijo del Santo vs. Norio Honaga
    7- Juventud Guerrera vs. Rey Misterio Jr (Handheld, 7/20/96)
    8- Rey Misterio Jr., Lance Storm, Yuji Yasuroka & Ultimo Dragon vs. Jushin Liger, Chris Jericho, Gedo & Juventud Guerrera (7/21/96)
    9- Chris Jericho & Damien 666 vs. Ultimo Dragon & Yuji Yasuroka (WAR 4/19/96)
    Disc 9

    1- Rey Misterio Jr. & Super Calo vs. Psicosis & Damien 666 in a double chain match (7/14/96, Handheld)
    2- Dr. Wagner Jr., Felino & Brazo vs. Super Astro, Lizmark & ?
    3- Silver King vs. Hijo del Merced
    4- Bob Bradley & Lazertron vs. Nino Asesino & Banzai
    5- Superstar & Superboy vs. El Chicano & Carlos Vega
    6- Chacal Rivera vs. Mercurio
    7- El Rocket vs. El Salvaje
    8- Ari Romero & ? vs. Ultraman & Fishman
    9- Mando & Eddy Guerrero vs. Crazy #33 & Ripper Valance
    Disc 10

    1- Sabu, Psicosis & Halloween vs. Rey Misterio Jr., Starman & Damien 666 (9/30/95)
    2- Headhunters vs. Vampiro Canadiense & Silver King (11/25/95)
    3- Eddy Guerrero, Felino & Emilio Charles vs. Pantera, Hector Garza & Atlantis (11/25/95)
    4- Brief Ceremony for Art Barr
    5- Negro Casas w/Eddy Guerrero vs. Hijo del Santo w/Hector Garza (I Quit Match, 11/25/95)
    6- Hijo del Santo turns Rudo
    7- Television talk show entitled "Contrapunio" from 1984 with various guests including Santo and Blue Demon in which Santo actually takes his mask off on air!


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