IWA Mid-South 9 Disc Set - Best of 2007 Volume 4 DVD-R

IWA Mid-South 9 Disc Set - Best of 2007 Volume 4 DVD-R

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IWA Mid South 2007 Volume 4 (9 disc set)
IWA-MS DVD June 30, 2007 "Point Proven" - Philadelphia, PA  ( 2 discs)
1. Brandon Thomaselli vs. Jack Thriller vs. Ricochet vs. Billy Roc
2. CJ Otis & Fukimoto vs. Akira Raijin & Brute Issei
3. "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal vs. Tracy Smothers vs. Z-Barr
4. Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Cheech & Cloudy vs. Ruckus, Sabian, Ricky Reyes & B-Boy
5. Falls Count Anywhere Match: Mickie Knuckles vs. Rachel Summerlyn
6. TLC Match: The Iron Saints vs. Notorious Inc. vs. The Naptown Dragons
7. 2 out of 3 Falls: Human Tornado vs. Matt Sydal
8. Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Drake Younger
9. Chuck Taylor vs. Josh Abercrombie
10. Homicide & Low Ki vs. Necro Butcher & Toby Klein
11. Hardcore Rumble: Deranged & Brain Damage vs. Tank & Iceberg vs. Insane Lane & Freakshow vs. Darin Childs & Massive
IWA-MS DVD July 21, 2007 "Bad Blood Rising" - Joliet, IL (2 discs)
1) Battle Royal
2) Jason Hades vs. Keith Cream
3) Billy Roc vs. Chris Hamrick
4) CJ Otis vs. Jack Thriller
5) Chrisjen Hayme vs. "The Hype" Jimmy Shalwin
6) Chuck Taylor vs. Mickie Knuckles
7) The Iron Saints vs. Naptown Dragons
8) Taped Fist Match - Ian Rotten vs. Freak Show
9) Barbed Wire Boards & Tables - Drake Younger vs. Insane Lane
10) IWA Hardcore Title - Fans Bring The Weapons - Tank vs. Corporal Robinson
IWA-MS DVD July 22, 2007 "Gory Days 3 - A Family Reunion" - Sellersburg, IN
(2 discs)
1) Captain Rooney vs. L.A. Warren
2) Drake Younger vs. Vortekz
3) Mickie Knuckles vs. Chrisjen Hayme
4) HyZaya w/ Uncle Honkey vs. Cash Flo
5) Chuck Taylor vs. Nate Webb
6) Mean Mitch Page Retirement Ceremony
7) Chris Hero vs. Chris Hamrick
8) Ricky Morton vs. Tracy Smothers
9) Rollin' Hard vs. Corporal Robinson
10) Barbed Wire Bats - Freak Show vs. Ian Rotten
11) Fans Bring The Weapons - Mad Man Pondo & 2 Tuff Tony vs. Tank & Insane Lane
IWA-MS DVD July 28, 2007 "Winner Takes All" - Midlothian, IL  (1 disc)
1. Ricochet vs. Jason Hades
2. Jack Thriller vs. Mike Stevens
3. Dysfunction vs. Josh Abercrombie
4. Billy Roc vs. Kris Chambers
5. Jason Dukes Interview
6. 2 Tuff Tony & Violent J vs. Keith Creme & Brian Skyline
7. Iron Saints vs. Ash & CJ Otis
8. Chuck Taylor vs. Low Ki vs. Brandon Thomaselli
9. Hardcore Match - Tank vs. Corporal Robinson vs. Necro Butcher
IWA-MS DVD August 4, 2007 "Extreme Heaven 2007" - Plainfield, IN (2 discs)
1. Jack Thriller vs. Ben McCoy
2. CJ Otis & Ash vs. Kris Chambers & Mike Stevens
3. Dysfunction vs. Josh Abercrombie
4. Roderick Strong vs. Toby Klein
5. Matt Sydal vs. Ricochet
6. Rollin' Hard vs. Z-Barr
7. Mickie Knuckles vs. Chuck Taylor
8. BJ Whitmer vs. Deranged
9. Necro Butcher vs. Davey Richards
10. 8 Man Cruiserweight Match featuring: Nate Webb, Chrisjen Hayme, Brian Skyline, Devon Moore, Detox, Billy Roc, xOMGx & Scotty Vortekz
11. Hardcore Match - Tank, Lane & FreakShow vs. Ian Rotten, Drake Younger & Corporal Robinson


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