FMW - Ring of Torture VHS

FMW - Ring of Torture VHS

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Pain, blood, agony - Just the beginning! Ring of Torture! Call the paramedics because there's gonna be a blood bath! No rules to abide by, no conscience to listen to, just match after match of some of the most brutal wrestling ever to hit the ring.

Do you have what it takes to endure some of FMW's most barbaric matches? No mercy will be given when Getkou takes on Gosaku. No love is lost when Megumi Kudo battles her old partner Combat "Mother in Law" Toyoda. No rules apply in the "3 on 3 Death Match" pitting Super Leather, Hido, & Kanemura against Matsunaga, Jason, & Hosaka. And if it's death matches your after, get set for an extreme match featuring superstar Matsunaga taking on the devil's own Mr. Pogo - Oh, the brutality!

Get set wrestling fans because this is FMW - the originators of hard-core wrestling. Accept no imitations! Experience some of the bloodiest matches to ever hit the mats.

Match 1: Getkou vs. Gosaku
Match 2: Sub Miss Sato vs. Nakayama
Match 3: Bad Nurse Nakamura vs. Ishikura
Match 4: Kuroda vs. Niyama
Match 5: Tanaka vs Mr. Pogo (Street Fight Match)
Match 6: Combat Toyoda, Bison Kimura vs. Kudo, Ajya
Match 7: Super Leather, Hosaka, and Kanemura vs. Matsunaga, Jason, and Hidoh


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