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Matt Riddle Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Matt Riddle is one of the most laid back guys that I have ever sat down with for a shoot interview. We talked about his up bringing in PA and how he got into amateur wrestling during high school. You will hear how he stumbled upon pro wrestling as a kid. Matt will tell you all about his college wrestling career and why it came to a sudden halt. It was about this time that he got involved in Ju Jitsu and took over the competition with ease. You will hear how he was almost down and out on his luck and how the world of MMA changed everything for him, opening the doors to the UFC and so much more.

Want to hear how he got picked to be on the UFC fighter show? You will hear what really goes on in the house that he lived in during his time there. You will hear about how he trained for his top fights as we go thru each opponent that he faced during his UFC tenure. He has stories on all of his major fights in the UFC for you!! Want great stories on behind the scenes of the UFC, you got it!! What was going thru his mind when he destroyed Dan Simmler? What were his early thoughts on Dana White and Rampage Jackson? We talk about his infamous past in the UFC that led to his release. What are his current thoughts on UFC and Dana White? We talk all about his drug failures and how it effected him. Does he have any regrets looking back at himself for what he did or said after he was let go? This is a great portion of the interview, so if you love the UFC our interview is just what you crave. There are tons of amazing UFC stories to entertain you. 

Why did he have a fall out with Bellator and never fight there? What led him to go and become a pro wrestler and why did he choose the Monster Factory over ROH, WXW or other local wrestling schools. Matt talks about learning the business and picking it up with ease. We talk about all of his early matches in his career and what a career it has been in just 24 months. Matt has already worked for PWG, Evolve, Progress, Beyond, CZW and is blowing up right now in 2017. He has been in the ring with who’s who of the indy scene working with some of the best talent around right now. Just look at our set of questions below as we talk about everyone right now on the indy scene that he has worked with in great detail.

What was it like for Matt to meet HHH for his first and only meeting to date. This is a hilarious story that you have to hear. What are his thoughts on going to the WWE and why did they turn him down for now. Why did he go to Evolve and how involved was the WWE for his decisions making. He talks about working with Gabe behind the scenes and his thoughts on him as a booker. What is his dream match if he comes to the WWE and who would he love to face in a Wrestlemania main event?

Matt gives his honest and humble opinion if he thinks CM Punk should fight again in the UFC and what are his thoughts of Punk being able to just enter the UFC with no MMA background. Does he think the fighters respect Punk and what will happen if he returns to the octagon in the future. Does Matt think he will ever go back to the UFC in the future, you might be shocked to hear what he has to say. 

Right now Matt Riddle is just coming up on the indy scene and has so much buzz, but I predict that he will only get bigger and bigger from here. The hype is real behind this superstar and during this shoot interview you will hear how he intends to become a legend in the pro wrestling business. This is one of those interviews that you will love because Matt’s enthuciasm shines thru out his interview. It’s with great pleasure that we were able to sit down with him during his break out year and we can’t wait to sit down with him down the line as he rises to fame!!! This is one interview you’re not going to want to tap out to!!!

What are your first memories of professional wrestling? 
Were you a fan growing up? If so, Who were the wrestlers you enjoyed the most?
Talk about your collegiate wrestling career? 
Memories of wrestling Jon Jones in school?
What led to you deciding to pursue MMA?
Is it true you were training based on what you read in BJ Penn's book as opposed to going to a gym?
Talk about what it's like trying to break into MMA circuit?
Is it harder to break into MMA from the outside or pro wrestling?
Talk about how you got your tryout for UFC's reality series The Ultimate Fighter?
Memories of KOing Dan Simmler?
There were some upset that you kept hitting him after you had broke his jaw and KO'd him - talk about why you kept striking him and what goes on in the mind of a fighter in that moment?
Thoughts on it being called the biggest Knockout in Ultimate Fighter series history by Dana White?
What were your initial reactions to White?
On the series you were picked for Rampage Jackson's team - initial thoughts on him?
Break down what an average day on the show was like?
Obviously, a lot of reality TV is manipulated, so how much of the show, if any, was manipulated by producers asking the cast to do things or changed in the editing process?
Who was your favorite team mate on the show?
What did you think of Rampage giving you the "Chipper" nickname based on your always smiling?
Why did you and Dante Rivera always end up butting heads and fighting on Ultimate Fighter?
Was that something just played up for the cameras?
You were eliminated from the show by Tim Credeur? Memories of that fight and of Credeur buying you an XBox with his earning from the fight?
Once you were eliminated, did you think that was it for your UFC career?
How soon did UFC approach you about fighting in the TUF 7 Finae?
At TUF 7 finale, you fight and beat Dante Rivera. Talk about how you approached that fight and memories of the win.
During the reality series, Rivera said that if you ever beat him, he would retire. Obviously, he didn't - should he have?
Talk about how UFC worked as an organization when it came to setting up fights? What expenses are covered by UFC vs. the fighter when it comes to training, health care, travel, medical care for injuries and the actual fight?
Walk us through a day backstage when you are fighting for UFC?
How much do the fighters get along backstage?
Do the fighters rib each other like pro wrestlers do?
Memories of the following fights?
-bearing Steve Bruno via unanimous decision at UFC Fight Night: Lauzon vs. Stephens.
-beating Dan Cramer via unanimous decision UFC 101.
-losing via TKO to Nick Osipczak at UFC 105. 
-beating Greg Soto at UFC 111 by DQ after being hit with an illegal kick.
-beating DaMarques Johnson via TKO on UFC on Versus 2.
Having UFC Fight of the Night according to Dana White in losing to Sean Pierson at UFC 124. Pierson was a replacement for TJ Waldburger, who had gotten injured. 
When you have to face a replacement fighter, how much of your preparation goes out the window? Is it even fair to ask a fighter to face a substitute after a long time training for another opponent?
You had a number of fights that were canceled in UFC due to injuries - talk about why so many fighters get hurt training - is it just the nature of the beast?
-Defeating Lance Benoist via unanimous decision at UFC Fight Night: Shields vs. Ellenberger and getting named Fight of the Night.
You get asked to fight Chris Clements on short notice and win, but fail a post-fight drug test for marijuana. You get fined and suspended for 90 days and the fight result is changed to a no contest. Lots to talk about here:
*Is it fair UFC asked you to step in to fight at the last minute and then drug tested you?
*Did you lose your $65,000 Submission of the Night bonus?
*Did you think you were going to fail?
*Do you ever hear from Dana White or anyone else in UFC personally about the failure?
You beat Che Mills at UFC on Fuel TV: Barao vs. McDonald via split decision. You fail your second drug test and end up released from UFC.
Let's ask the hard question: if you know you could be suspended, why are you still using marijuana. Explain for those who might not understand,
What's your reaction when UFC announces they are cutting you from the promotion?
Are you angry at UFC or at yourself over the release?
What's amazing is that you have 4 wins in a row and are let go. Thoughts on Dana White and UFC ignoring that?
In your mind, should pot be illegal for professional athletes and why or why not?
Do you think as it is getting legalized in more and more States, that UFC and WWE, etc. will have to change their stance on it?
When someone is cut by WWE, they are hit with a million independent wrestling offers - does the same thing happen when someone is cut from UFC?
Was your goal after being cut to get back to UFC?
You sign with Legacy Fighting Championship but your contract is bought out by BELLATOR. Break down your memories of how that situation came to be?
What is the story behind you announcing you were retiring from MMA for financial reasons, only to be announced for a BELLATOR 109 fight?
Why did you never ever fight for Bellator?
Would you ever want to fight for them in the future?
You fought for Titan Fighting Championship, so let's use them as an example. Compare them to UFC in terms of how they dealt with fighters, organize events, etc.
What was the best and worst part of being a fighter?
Talk about cutting weight and what sort of toll that takes on a person?
Talk about going to China to set up the WWN MMA promotion and what your role will be there?
Do you foresee fighting there?
Thoughts on the recent UFC sale and what it means for the fighters?
At what point do you decide pro wrestling will be the replacement for MMA as your career?
How do you go about picking The Monster Factory as where you are going to train?
Thoughts on the coaches there - Danny Cage, Blue Meanie, Bill Wiles, etc.
How does training for pro wrestling differ from training for a big MMA fight?
Did you have any misconceptions about the physicality or what the training would be like before you started?
Talk about the differences between trying to win a fight and trying to tell a story in the ring?
Which do you find to be more enjoyable as an athlete?
It's pretty much considered a given that you have taken to pro wrestling like a duck to water, but was there any aspect of the business that was hard for you to master early on while training?
Why do you wrestle barefoot?
How does a pro wrestling locker room compare to a MMA locker room?
Memories of your first matches at the Monster Factory?
Memories of wrestling:
QT Marshall
Rhett Titus
Punisher Martinez
Silas Young
Cliff Compton

Talk about your WWE tryout?
We've talked about training for MMA and injuries there. Compare the WWE tryout process to training for a major fight?
First impressions of William Regal and Triple H?
Thoughts on the WWE Performance Center?
What were the biggest lessons you learned from the tryout process?
What was your reaction when you found out WWE was going to pass on you?
If you ever get hired, do you think passing WWE Wellness Policy tests would be an issue?
Do you think the nature of your UFC release led to WWE passing on you?
Why do you think WWE reached out to EVOLVE to start using you?
First impressions of EVOLVE?
Thoughts on Gabe Sapolsky and Sal Hamouai?
Thoughts on Gabe as a booker?
What does EVOLVE do that's different from other companies
Have you been witness to any of the famous Gabe fits when something goes wrong on a show?
Thoughts and memories on the following after wrestling them in EVOLVE?
Tony Nese
Jonathan Gresham
Chris Dickinson
Tracy Williams
Drew Gulak
TJ Perkins
Marty Scurrl
Chris Hero
Timothy Thatcher
Zack Sabre Jr.
Lio Rush
Roderick Strong
Talk about Catchpoint and how you became part of that stable.
Thoughts on Beyond Wrestling?
What do you think of PWG?
Thoughts on the UK scene and working for PROGRESS? 
What did it mean that PROGRESS put the Atlas title on you right away?
How do you compare the American and UK fans?
What happened with AIW in Cleveland and why you pulled out of bookings for them? Their promoter said you didn't like how you were booked. What didn't you like about how you were used there?
What's your favorite match you've been involved in?
Thoughts and memories on the following matches and opponents:
-Kyle O'Reilly for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla?
- wrestling Cody Rhodes for House of Glory?
- vs. Katsuyori Shibata for Rev Pro?
- vs. David Starr for CZW?
- vs. Matt Tremont for Beyond?
What's your favorite promotion to work for?
Talk about the entire "King of Bros" deal and where that came from?
Talk about CM Punk's transition to MMA and why it hasn't worked out for him so far?
Any independent talents you think would do well in MMA?
Thoughts on the following guys you worked with:
Davey Richards
Chuck O'Neill
Dalton Castle
Fred Yehi
Peter Kaasa
Mike Bailey
Caleb Konley
Tomasso Ciampa
John Silver
Michael Elgin
Brian Cage
Obviously you are under contract to EVOLVE, but there's a clause there that you can leave for WWE is an offer comes. Where do you think a WWE offer stands at this point?
What's your dream Wrestlemania match for yourself?
What's your major goals going over the next year?
Who's out there that you look as your dream match opponents?
Any favorite road stories while traveling the indy scene?
Any message to your fans who have followed you thus far?


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