Perry Saturn Shoot Interview DVD-R

Perry Saturn Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Perry Saturn has been around the world and worked for every major promotion in the United States and he decided to talk about it all right here. From training with Killer Kowalski to being one half of one of the most important tag teams in ECW history to going to WCW and WWE, Saturn has experienced it all. Saturn is open and honest about all the controversial happenings of his career. He holds nothing back in answering all the questions. Here is a list of some of the topics discussed:

Getting into the wrestling business
-Being in the Airborne Rangers
-How he ended up going to Killer Kowalski's school
-What was the training like
-Thoughts on Triple H at that time
-Early promotions he worked for
-The Iron Horseman gimmick
-Starting to team with John Kronus
-How did they come up with the name The Eliminators
-Going to USWA
-Memories of going to Japan for WAR
-Paul Heyman's original idea for their team in ECW
-Memories of debut at the ECW Arena
-Working against The PitBulls
-Winning the ECW Tag Titles from Cactus & Mikey
-Why he shaved his head
-Thoughts on working The Gangstas
-Thoughts on the Dudleys scoring an upset to beat them for the tag titles
-What was the ECW locker room like
-Memories of Barely Legal
-Training at the House of Hardcore
-What was your training philosophy like
-Injuring his knee in Trenton, NJ & rehab
-When did problems start between him and Kronus
-Why did he want to split up the team
-What was Paul Heyman's reaction
-Memories of wrestling Terry Gordy & Steve Williams
-Memories of matches vs. Sabu & Rob Van Dam
-Memories of the three way match from Nov. to Remember 96 with the Gangstas and Sabu & Van Dam
-What was his backstage role like in ECW
-What happened with Pablo Marquez in front of the whole locker room in ECW
-Thoughts on Paul Heyman
-Getting into WCW
-Thoughts on leaving ECW without returning from injury
-Taz & Paul Heyman's reaction when they heard he was leaving
-First impressions of the WCW locker roon
-Did WCW make any promises
-Memories of your first dark match in WCW vs. Kidman?
-Joining Raven and the Flock & your opinion of the group
-Breaking away from the flock & feuding with Raven
-Thoughts on having to wreslte with a dress
-Where did the idea come from to form The Revolution with Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Shane Douglas?
-Thoughts on Benoit being removed from the group
-The backstage politics in WCW
-Thoughts on Kevin Sullivan as booker
-Opinion of J.J. Dillon
-What led to Saturn, Benoit, Guerrero, & Malenko wanting out of WCW
-What happened with Mike Graham that gave him leverage to get out of his contract
-Thoughts on Eric Bischoff
-How was Shane Douglas involved in the whole situation to jump to WWE and why he didn't go
-How did they contact WWE & what were the negotiations like
-Memories of your first night in WWF
-Thoughts of The Radicals gimmick
-Memories of what happened in the match where Eddy Guerrero was injured
-How was the WW locker room compared to WCW
-Memories of the six man from Wrestlemania 2000 with The Radicals vs. Chyna & Too Cool?
-Working against Chyna
-Thoughts on wrestling in the hardcore division
-Favorite guys to work with
-Opinion on Jim Ross
-Thoughts on wrestling Matt & Jeff


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