WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 DVD

WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 DVD

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    WWE presents the "Elimination Chamber" from the Scottrade Arena in St. Louis, MO on February 21, 2010.

    1. WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match
      Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Kofi Kingston
    2. WWE Championship Match
      John Cena (c) vs. Batista
    3. Intercontinental Champion
      Drew McIntyre vs. Kane
    4. Divas Tag Team Match
      Gail Kim & Maryse vs. Simply Flawless (McCool & Layla)
    5. WWE United States Championship Match
      The Miz (c) vs. MVP
    6. World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match
      Undertaker vs. CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth vs. Chris Jericho


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    3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5 Elmination Chamber 2010, 3.23.2010
    Reviewer: Landon Whitaker (Phoenix, AZ)

    Elmination Chamber 2010

    The Elimination Chamber the last stop on the road to wrestlemaina. 2 chamber matches 6 men each 2 championships hang up for grabs only those strong enough to survive can continue down the road to wrestlemaina who will survive the cold hard steel of the elimination chamber ??

    Match 1 ***
    Elimination Chamber
    WWE Championship
    Sheamus vs Triple H vs John Cena
    vs Randy Orton vs Ted Dibasie vs Kofi Kingston
    this would be the 1st match of the night this was around 30 mintues so not to bad i say this was a ok chamber match not as bad as oo i dont know hmm EXTREME ELMINATION CHAMBER MUAHAH lol clears throat anyway first 2 were kofi and reigning wwe champion sheamus did some good wrestling next was triple h doing his thing bla bla next was randy orton came out went after everyone same thing bal bal next ted came out did his thing worked toghter with orton for a while cena came out did some of his 5 MOVES OF DOOOM !1 cena did give ted a nice Attitude Adjustment on to the steel floor cody then came out slid a steel pipe into the chamber for ted to use cena had rko up in the Attitude Adjustment ted would hit rko on the head cena would drop rko with the adjustment hit cena with the pipe and decide who to pin he pinned rko elminating him first few seconds later kofi would get ted out after trouble in paradise some ok stuff sheamus would kick kofis head off with his pump kick setting kofi up for wat i call the celtic bomb to elminate kofi sheamus would go after cena setting him up for a top rope celtic bomb triple h would low blow sheamus and hit the pedigree elminating him with in seconds cena locks in the stf hhh would try to hold on but would eventuly tap out
    Winner new WWE Champion John Cena

    BUT WAIT THERES MORE !! mr mcmahon would come out to tell cena u are going to wrestlemaina if u can defend your title vs this man

    Match 2 *
    WWE Championship
    John Cena vs Batista
    ok i gave this a star cause well ehh it was a title win eh lol
    well no shocker batista comes out and cena not even getting a second to catch his breath says Come on !! and 1 punch just 1 would piss off batista so much that BAMM SPEAR to cena following a batista bomb for the win
    New WWE Champion Batista

    Match 3 *
    Intercontinental Championship
    Drew McIntyre vs Kane
    ok now i am a fan od the intercontinental championship but eesh this match was boring nothing really i mean damm nothing just kane working over on the neck of drew and drew working on the arm of kane just 10 mintues of zzzzz ending would come when drew would get a thumb to the eye of kane allowing drew to hit his future shock DDT for the win
    Winner Still Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre

    Match 4 DUD Michelle McCool and Layla vs Maryse and Gail Kim
    ok what was suspost to be the finals of this long never ending boring as hell god hurt me now divas tourament for the vacated divas title with maryse vs gail kim but vickie guerrero would came out and would demand that sd would get some respect and of corse the boos set in so u know wats next EXCUSE ME !! damm she is hate lol anyway so this would turn into a tag team match with mcool and layla vs maryse and kim well hua nothing this was just a handicap match maryse did nothing mccool with wat she calls the faith breaker aka STYLES CLASH that she stole from aj styles u stealer !! for the win on kim

    Match 5 ***
    United States Championship
    The Miz vs M.V.P.
    this was suprizely a good match this came when the team of mvp and mark henry would beat showmiz on the monday before the ppv mvp getting the win on miz thus granting him a title match this was around 13 mintues so good time just a good match some nice stuff and for once BLOOD omg is back for 1 night !1 yay eesh miz would get his head busted open a little bit not gaashing but ok by a headbutt from mvp miz would go for something of the top and mvp hit a nice i said this aga


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