Katy Barnes vs. Tiffany

Katy Barnes vs. Tiffany

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Black Falcon Productions presesnts: Katey Barnes vs. Tiffany, in "Girls do like to Battle"

Katy, an auburn haired sex kitten was lounging on her couch in a cheerleading outfit when Tiffany, a fiery hot latin blonde with big breasts arrived clad in some sexy tight jeans. Katy asked Tiffany where she'd been. Tiffany tried to avoid the question and Katy's accusations flew!  It turned out Tiffany had been out with Katy's boyfriend.  The sparks ignited as a wild catfight ensued!

Katy got Tiffany in an agonizing grapevine that had her moaning in terror.  But it wasn't long before Tiffany turned the tables and had the cheerleader in a humiliating schoolboy pin. They battled back and forth with Katy securing a pair of head scissors and using those creamy powerful legs to make the Latin girl beg for mercy!  Eventually, Tiffany slipped out and she got her revenge with frightening reverse head scissors.  You can see the power as her butt cheeks clenched in those tight jeans!

Then the girls got down and dirty!   Tiffany peeled off the jeans to reveal some clingy pink panties and bulging breasts while Katy stripped down to a thong that left little to the imagination!  You'll be blown away when you see Katy holler in agony as she's cradled in the tiny thong while in a school boy pin!  These two lionesses roll their sexy bodies all over each other as they dish out mind boggling pain including face sitting, head scissors and hair pulling! 

Approximately 50 minutes.

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