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Tina vs. John VHS

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Black Falcon Productions presesnts: Tina vs. John in "Jealous Boyfriend"

John fumed as he waited in the living room for Tina to return. Tina, a beautiful dark haired knockout, sashayed into the living room wearing a clingy pair of jean shorts with silky stockings and high heels. John immediately began complaining about how late she was and accused her of cheating on him, but Tina was defiant.

Finally, John lost it and yanked her off the couch announcing that he would teach her a lesson, but Tina was quick and reversed the situation. They both landed on their feet and Tina warned him that he had thirty seconds to apologize. John wouldn't so Tina attacked. She took him down with a double leg take down and put him in a humiliating cross pin. His arm was trapped between her silky thighs as she held him helpless by holding his other arm. But John's humiliation was only just beginning as she swiftly changed into a reverse head scissors that had John's head wedged deep between Tina's stocking clad thighs and her tight little jean shorts. Despite this John kept accusing her of cheating.

Eventually the head scissors became body scissors and then a humbling full nelson as Tina used those powerful legs to subdue her attacker. She brutalized him further with a shocking grapevine. You'll gasp with pleasure when you see Tina strip off the shorts and further brutalize John in only tights with nude panties and a bra. In the end John was so badly beaten he agreed to apologize on his hands and knees. Truly an astonishing case of a man discovering the power of a true female warrior. Approximately 50 minutes.

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