Kelly vs. James

Kelly vs. James

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Black Falcon Productions presesnts: Kelly vs. James

The video opens on a dark hallway where James slithers up to a locked door and picks it open! He peers in and seeing that the coast is clear he enters the dark apartment. James starts searching for valuables when suddenly there's movement! The lights pop on. A beautiful brunette named Kelly freaks out and attacks James! She shrieks, "what are you doing in my house?" James is shocked as the sexy girl clad in tight white shorts body scissors James. Kelly swears that she's going to kill him.
As their battle wages on, Kelly secures a pair of tight head scissors that have James close to passing out. Kelly was infuriated and slapped him, causing him extra humiliation. The agonizing body scissors go on for a long time, but finally James escapes. He's now enraged and he peels Kelly's little shorts off. James then takes off his shirt, planning to have his way with her, but Kelly turns the tables again and gets James in a painful pin and grapevine that had his legs ready to snap.
The sight of this really sexy girl clad in her panties pressed against James bare chest and then his face as she switches to some shocking extended face sitting with lots of close up will blow your mind! James' face is literally buried under Kelly's sexy ass. Later, Kelly peels off her nightie to leave her only in a bra and panties. James continued his suffering as Kelly held James' head between her silky thighs in some reverse head scissors that gives you a phenomenal view of Kelly's amazing butt. If you want to find out how Kelly finished James off, then you'll need to add this masterpiece to your library. Approximately 50 minutes.

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