Nanny Kyla's Lessons of Discipline & Sexual Servitude

Nanny Kyla's Lessons of Discipline & Sexual Servitude

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Mommy Adrena left her young son in the hands of the full figured strong Nanny Kyla. The little big boy Bobby is a very naughty hyperactive youngster. No other babysitter could make him behave. Bobby was fidgeting and playing with his ball in the house. He would not listen until Kyla punched and slapped him. She had to subdue him him with her headscissors, squeezing his head tightly. She threw him down on the ground, trampling him with full weight with her bare feet stomping his tummy. Kyla jumped on his tummy and back, taunting him to promise to obey her rules. She sat on him planting her full 250-pound ass cheeks firmly on his crotch as she forced him to smell her dirty feet and kiss them clean. He still would not listen. So she stood on his face with her full 250-pound frame smashing his face as flat as a pancake. After a long while of smashing his head down flat, little Bobby cried, saying he would behave. She then stripped nude, teased him with her gigantic tits, then sat on his face for her throne of riding pleasure.


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