All Japan: The Best of Theme Music Vol. 1

All Japan: The Best of Theme Music Vol. 1

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CDR - digital copy with cover packaging.

1) All Japan TV opening theme
2) 'Rocky' (Mitsuo Momota)
3) 'Never Give Me Up' (Yoshinari Ogawa)
4) 'Another Man' (Isamu Teranishi)
5) Haruka Eigen, Motoshi Okuma, & Taiketsu Shigotonin theme
6) 'Reverse of the Beat' (Rusher Kimura)
7) 'Oja No Tamashi' (Shohei 'Giant' Baba)
8) 'Speed Trap' (Mighty Inoue)
9) 'Danger Zone' (Masanobu Fuchi)
10) 'Hinotama Kozo' (Tsuyoshi Kikuchi)
11) 'Sniper' (Kenta Kobashi)
12) 'Eclipse' (Akira Taue)
13) 'Holy War' (Toshiaki Kawada)
14) 'Spatan X' (Mitsuhara Misawa)
15) 'J' (Jumbo Tsuruta)
16) 'Olimpia' (Real World Tag League theme)

Released in 1992, 52 minutes

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