All Japan Women '93

All Japan Women '93

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CDR - digital copy with cover packaging.
This CD was originally released on July 21, 1993 during the peak days of women's wrestling Japan. This includes every theme used by All Japan Women during that time and includes the TV opening and ending themes.

  1. Opening theme
  2. Bull Nakano's Theme
  3. Aja Kong's Theme
  4. Etsuko Mita & Mima Shimoda's Theme
  5. Kyoko Inoue's Theme
  6. Bat Yoshinaga's Theme
  7. Kaoru Ito's Theme
  8. Akira Hokuto's Theme
  9. Toshiyo Yamada's Theme
  10. Manami Toyota's Theme
  11. Takayo Inoue's Theme
  12. Mariko Yoshida's Theme
  13. Sakie Hasegawa's Theme
  14. Suzuka Minami'sTheme
  15. Yumiko Hotta's Theme
  16. All Japan Woman's Pro Wrestling Theme
  17. End Theme


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