Erik Watts Shoot Interview Double DVD-R

Erik Watts Shoot Interview Double DVD-R

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Finally his story can be told... Erik Watts provides a lifetime of stories from selling programs as a kid for his father in Mid-South Wrestling to working for WCW and TNA. This is a history lesson and incredible insight from someone that truly has seen so much growing up on the inside of wrestling.

Very few people in the wrestling industry have experiences as diverse and unique as Erik Watts. His hall of fame father "Cowboy" Bill Watts was the life-blood of Mid-South Wrestling and later ran WCW, so after being a star athlete at the collegiate level it was only natural that Erik join in the family business. At least it seemed like a good idea at the time.

With his famous father running WCW, Erik was immediately positioned for stardom and outcries of favoritism and nepotism followed Erik from day one. He talks at great length about the pressures he faced breaking into the business and talks about all his experiences in early 90's WCW. Who was most the helpful to the rookie and who was most the resentful. He passionately answers his critics point-by-point and gives his thoughts on not only his career but the entire wrestling business. And he's got some news for anyone who thinks the promoter's son had an easy ride. How hard did Paul Orndorff make him fight for his first win? What's the real story on the behind the scenes fight between him and Ravishing Rick Rude? Why did he knock Beautiful Bobby Eaton out cold in the middle of a match?! And how was it Bobby's idea?! Every top star from WCW is talked about including Sting, Ric Flair, DDP, Steve Austin and more.

But Watts travelled to WWF too, as one-half of Tekno Team 2000, a preposteros cibernetic tag-team from the future. How much did Watts hate the gimmick? How much did those outfits cost? And whose hare-brained idea was it anyway?

Just when his career seemed over, Watts reinvented himself as a top star during the early days of TNA. The outspoken, honest and insightful Erik Watts talks in depth about the Jarretts, Russo, the challenges TNA faced then and the challenges they face now.

Erik Watts is one of the most insightful interviews we have ever done. He talks about the bond between second generation wrestlers and the kinship he's felt with guys like Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes. He talks about working under Dusty Rhodes and comparisons between Dusty and his father. He talks extensively about his father's booking philosophies, the nature of episodic wre


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