Shoot Interview Collection - Stars of the 70s 5 DVD-R Set

Shoot Interview Collection - Stars of the 70s 5 DVD-R Set

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A special edition of Shoot Interviews featuring Stars of the 70s! This collection includes 5 discs with complete interviews of such greats as Wahoo McDaniel,
Harley Race, Mr. Number One Paul Jones, Baron Von Raschke, and The Bullet Bob Armstrong.

Relive their great histories and hear their great stories from their careers in pro wrestling. This is a tremendous deal to pick up FIVE great shoot interviews for
one low price!

Paul Jones

Paul Jones is one of the true legends of the sport, earning his fame in the Mid-Atlantic region during the 1970s, going into the NWA era of the mid-1980s. In this exclusive interview, fellow NWA competitor George South reminisces with Paul Jones about the glory days of years gone by. With classic footage of Jones' career intercut throughout the interview, this video is a nostalgic look back for any old school wrestling fan.

Wahoo McDaniel

A true legend of the sport, 'Chief Wahoo' sat down with for this exclusive shoot interview shortly before his death.

Wahoo McDaniel was one of the toughest wrestlers of all time. His chops left quite an impression on opponents and the fans that witnessed the flesh ripping spectacle. Find out about how he got into wrestling while also managing a career in the NFL.

Wahoo McDaniel speaks his mind about his career in wrestling. With 40 years worth of stories in him, Wahoo talks about juggling his love for two sports: football and wrestling and why he finally chose wrestling.

Wahoo McDaniel has been from Japan to Florida to Texas and the Carolinas. He talks about the memories of the territory system that used to be, and how he found some areas a little easier to work than others.

The Chief discusses working with the likes of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Jesse Ventura, Ken Patera, Lex Luger, Dusty Rhodes, Bruiser Brody and more.

He tells stories about his trips to Japan, Magnum T.A.'s tragic car accident, the downfall of Crockett's NWA, his health problems, how wrestling has changed and much more. 

Harley Race

This interview was conductedwithformer 7-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Harley Race. Harley talks about all of his world title reigns including great stories about Dusty Rhodes, Terry & Dory Funk, The Briscos, Ric Flair & tons of other wrestling legends.

Harley also discusses all of the different territories he has wrestled in throughout the world including St. Louis, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Mid-Atlantic and every other territory that virtually ever existed.

Hear a great story on how Harley confronted Hulk Hogan in the early days at a show in Kansas City when the WWF was taking over all of the territories, including his own.

This legend also talks about his tours of Japan working for All Japan Pro Wrestling. Hear if he liked his stay in the WWF as the King of Wrestling, and what his opinion of Vince McMahon is now.

Hear all of the stories about when he was in the WCW as the manager of Vader. Relive the night when Cactus Jack received the concussion from Vader plus also hear Harleys take on the Sid-Arn Anderson stabbing incident.

Harley also views his opinions about the state of pro wrestling today. Also featured are some incredible matches from the past that will leave you believing that Harley Race was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time! .

This DVD was digitally remasteredby Highspots. The original interview was not conducted by Highspots.

Bob Armstrong

In his near-forty years as an active wrestler "Bullet" Bob Armstrong has seen it all, and in this exclusive Highspots shoot interview the patriarch of the legendary Armstrong family looks back and takes us along for the ride.

Be they from his heyday in the Georgia, Continental and Memphis territories, overseas excursions to Japan and Korea, or latter-day runs in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and NWA-TNA, Armstrong has no shortage of stories to tell; from epic world title matches with the likes of Ric Flair, Harley Race and the Funks to encounters with future legends Hulk Hogan and Arn Anderson in their rookie years.

Bob shares family memories of raising and training sons Brad, Brian, Steve and Scott, in addition to harrowing accounts of his injuries over the years, including the in-ring accident which resulted in the loss of a finger and the weight room accident which literally crushed his face and led to the creation of his masked alter-ego, "The Bullet."

Other topics include Bob's stint as a WCW road agent and first-hand account of the infamous Vader/Paul Orndorff backstage fist-fight, as well as his own shoot encounters with both opponents and overzealous fans!

EXTRA #1: Rare footage from Southeastern Championship Wrestling of Bob refereeing a Ric Flair vs. Ron Fuller NWA World Title match, and Bob's subsequent shocking heel turn.

EXTRA #2: Bob and Brad Armstrong vs. Thunderfoot #1 and #2 from the Anderson Brothers Classic Tag Team Tournament in Shelby, NC, on December 11, 2004.

Baron Von Raschke

He is Baron Von Raschke and that is all you need to know, but if you want to learn more about him and "The Claw" you will enjoy this DVD. From Olympic wrestler to the top of the pro wrestling world.

Raschke explains that bad luck was the reason why he started wrestling. The Baron work for some of the biggest promotions in his era. From Vince Sr. to Jim Crockett to Verne Gagne, Baron as worked for them all.Raschke also shares stories about a young Hulk Hogan and a very young and powerful team called the Road Warriors. In side the ring Raschke was one the most hated and remembered wrestlers of all time. But outside the ropes he is one of the most well respected and loved human beings in the business.


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