ECW Hardcore TV Complete Set Volume 5 DVD-R

ECW Hardcore TV Complete Set Volume 5 DVD-R

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    GET ALL 10 DVD's from ECW Hardcore TV   
    Included in this set:


    ECW Hardcore TV 196-199

    • Gangstas vs. Ricky Morton/Tommy Rich

      2. Rich challenges Morton

      3. Satellite Interview with Taz

      4. Preview: Raven vs. Sandman

      5. Raven vs. Sandman... Texas Death Rules (BWO's Stevie & Raven square off)

      6. Recap: Raven vs. Sandman

      7. Intr: Raven & Tod Gordon comes out and announces Raven's hair vs. Belt

      8. Recap: Triple Threat

      9. Chris Candido vs. Louie Spicolli

      10. Triple Threat jump Tommy Dreamer

      11. Tommy Rich jumps Terry Funk

      12. Intr: Taz/Alfonso

      13. Eliminators vs. Axl Rotten/D Von Dudley

      14. Triple Threat jump Buh Buh Ray/Pitbull #2

      15. Terry Funk vs. Brian Lee

      16. Intr: Shane Douglas..The "Masked Man" appears

      17. Pitbull #1 returns & takes on Shane Douglas...crowd heat is amazing

      18. Recap of Triple Threat & Pitbull #1 return

      19. Intr: Triple Threat...They introduce FMW's Gladiator Mike, Awesome

      20. Triple Treat video

      21. Intr: Terry Funk...Challenges Raven

      22. Satellite Intr: Taz

      23. Intr: Raven

      24. Steve Richards vs. Little Guido clips

      25. Raven vs. Sandman... Hair vs. Belt

      26. Pitbull #2 vs. Brian Lee..The "Masked Man" returns

      27. Paul E. announces the first ECW Pay Per View

      28. Taz vs. Sabu video

      29. Steve Richards vs. Ricky Morton

      30. Intrs: Triple Threat, Shane w/Francine

      31. Steve Williams challenges Raven

      32. Steve Williams vs. Axl Rotten

      33. Raven vs. Steve Williams

      34. D Von Dudley vs. Sandman..Total Brawl..Buh Buh Ray Dudley turns heel


    ECW Hardcore TV 200-203


    1. Interview & Career retro on Tommy Dreamer

    2. Steve Williams Video

    3. Terry Funk vs. Tommy Rich..Bloody

    4. Interview: Terry Funk

    5. Recap: Dudleys heel turn

    6. Lance Storm vs. Balls Mohoney

    7. Intr: Raven

    8. Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs. Elimiantors...Tables & Ladders are used

    9. Intr: Raven

    10. Recap: Raven -BWO Richards feud

    11. Sandman v.s D-Von Dudley

    12. Intr: Great Sasuke/Gran Naniwa/Gran Hamada & Video

    13. Taz vs. Scott Taylor

    14. BWO give Mickinoku Pro Wrestlers t-shirts

    15. ECW Video Montage

    16. Taz-Sabu pull apart. Tables & Ladders are legal

    17. Pitbulls Interview

    18. Triple Threat jump the Pitbulls

    19. Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs. Elimiantors...Tables & Ladders are used

    20. Taz vs. Tracy Smothers

    21. Intr: Chris Candido

    22. Funk/Dreamer vs. Lee/Raven..Sandman & Son Tyler reunite

    23. Funk/Dreamer vs. Lee/Raven..Sandman con’d

    24. Sandman & Son Tyler reunite

    25. Little Guido vs. Chris Chetti

    26. Intr: Brian Lee

    27. Terry Funk-Raven confrontation …. Amazing

    23. Axl Rotten vs. Spike Dudley

    24. Dudleys vs. Gangstas..New Jack does an absolutely amazing dive!!!



    ECW Hardcore TV 204-207

    1. Big Brawl with everyone...Highlights are a Taz-Sabu pull apart & New Jack doing a suicidal dive

    2. Taz vs. Rob Van Dam

    3. Terry Funk vs. Brian Lee

    4. Shane Douglas vs. Pitbull #1 - I Quit Match

    5. Intr: Masked Man

    6. Interview Shane Douglas

    7. Dudleys vs. Eliminators

    8. Promo: Joel Gertner & The Dudleys

    9. Balls Mohoney vs. Sandman..Brutal chair shots

    10. Sabu vs. Spike Dudley..Great angle with Sabu putting Bill Alfonso through a table

    11. Confrontation: BWO-Raven

    12. Taz vs. Spike Dudley

    13. Tommy Rich vs. Chris Chetti

    14. Highlights from Scranton, PA: Sabu/Van Dam vs. Eliminators.. Tables & Ladders are legal Sandman/Dreamer vs. Dudleys Axl Rotten vs. Lance Stoem... Big Brawl w/Eliminators-Gangstas-Dudleys

    15. Taz vs. Spike Dudley...Sabu runs in & Winds up putting Spike through a table

    16. Promo: Dudleys/Gertner

    17. ECW Video montage

    18. Chris Candido vs. Louie Spicolli

    20. Highlights: Shane Douglas-Pitbull #1 w/comments from both

    21. Preview of ECW Barley Legal

    22. Terry Funk vs. Axl Rotten..They brawl all over the building

    23. Intr: Funk

    24. Preview: Raven vs. BWO Steve Richards

    25. Sandman vs. Balls Mohoney...more brutal chair shots

    26. Recap: Dudleys title wins

    27. Intr: Eliminators

    28. Great Sasuke/Gran Hamda/Gran Naniwa vs. Taka Michinoku/Terry Boy/Dick Togo...Michinoku Pro 6 man..Amazing match

    29. Smothers/Guido vs. Chettie/Spike...Taz runs in

    30. Taz-Sabu pull apart

    31. Intr: Taz

    32. Clip: Shane Douglas trying to unmask the mysterious masked man

    33. Barley Legal preview

    34. Promo: Raven

    35. Raven/Shane Douglas vs. Terry Funk/Tommy Dreamer...Total brawl w/tons of angles & a unique ending

    36. Dudleys vs. Eliminators vs. Gangstas...3 way dance

    37. Intr: Chris Candido

    38. Sabu vs. Louie Spicolli...Taz & Van Dam run in

    41. Intr: Taz...Candido is the backround

    42. Confrontation: Raven-Funk...Brawl in the locker room



    ECW Hardcore TV 208-211


    • Preview of the Barely Legal Pay Per View

      2. Promo: Pitbulls reflect on their feud with Shane Douglas...Clips are shown

      3. Preview of the Barely Legal matches

      4. Rob VanDam vs. Pitbull#2..fancam

      5. Promo: Shane Douglas & Francine...clips are shown

      6. Promo: The Dudleys

      7. Eliminators vs. Dudley...3 way Dance/fan cam... New Jack dives off another balcony

      8. Promo: Eliminators

      9. Michinoku Pro video

      10. Promo: Tommy Dreamer

      11. Taz vs. Sabu video preview

      12. Promo: Taz

      13. Promo: Sandman

      14. Preview of The 3 Way Dance at Barley Legal

      15. Promo: Raven

      16. Video: Terry Funk at his father's grave...classic

      17. The Barely Legal PPV Preshow

      18. Video Stills: Shane Douglas vs. Pitbulls#2..Barely Legal

      19. Intr: Rick Rude

      20. Video Stills: Dudley vs. Eliminators...Barely Legal

      21. Video: Funk at his father’s grave

      22. Video stills: Terry Funk vs. Steve Richards vs. Sandman...Barely Legal

      23. Video Stills: Raven vs. Terry Funk...Barely Legal

      24. Video Stills: Sabu vs. Taz...Barely Legal

      25. Intr: Sabu/Van Dam/Alfonso..Van Dam's interviews are classic

      26. Interviws: Taz, Paul Heyman

    • 27. Rick Rude Interview          

    28. Douglas w/ Francine Interview

    29. Funk Career Highlights: When Worlds Collide clip

    30. Raven Interview

    31. Stevie Interview

    32. JT Smith returns

    33. FBI vs. Chris Chetti & Spike Dudley

    34. Flashback Clip: Funk out of the box angle

    35.  Rob Van Dam grabs WWF's Sunny's ass...Brawl w/ Candido

    36.  Sabu/Van Dam jump Candito..Taz comes out

    37. Balls Mahoney vs. Cpl Punishment

     38. Flashback clip: Funk challenging Cactus Jack  
    39. Promo: Sabu/VanDam/Alfonso  

    40. Recap: Rob Van Dam grabs WWF's Sunny's ass...Brawl w/ Candido

    41. FBI vs. Nova/Meanie

    42. Eliminators Promo

    43. Promo: Sabu/Van Dam/Alfonso

    44. Rob Van Dam vs. Spike Dudley

    45. Louie Spicolli-Tommy Dreamer..Pullapart brawl

    46. Louis Spicolli vs. Chris Chetti...Dreamer breaks Spicolli's fingers

    47. Promo: Taz

    48. Promo: Raven..Raven breaks into Stevie's dressing room & asks him to end his pain



    ECW Hardcore TV 212-215

    • Gangstas vs. Dudley vs. Eliminators...3 way dance..New Jack dives off antoher balcony on Bubba through a table

      2. Joey Styles intros Rude as his new partner on commentary

      3. Confrontation: Shane Douglas-BamBam Bigelow

      4. W*ING Kanemura vs. Kevin Quinn...clips

      5. Clip: Raven-Stevie in the locker room

      6. Comments from The Blue Meanie

      7. Tommy Dreamer vs. Cpl. Punishment..Spicolli jumps Dreamer

      8. Debate: Joel Gertner-Rick Rude...hillarious

      9. Raven-Meanie confrontation

      10. Flashback clip: Press Conference from 94' Douglas Funk...The Night The LIne Was Crossed

      11. Shane Douglas vs. Balls Mahoney

      12. Bigelow debuts as a member of the Triple Threat

      13. Rude kidnaps Francine

      14. Intr: Rick Rude

      15. Debate: Gertner-Rude

      16. Tommy Dreamer vs. Louie Spicolli...Bloody Brawl..Spicolli gives Beulah a Spicolli Valley Driver

      17. Video of ECW Chapter 2

      18. Fancam: Dreamer/Funk w/ Beulah after the attack

      19. Debate: Rude-Gertner

      20. Sabu/VanDam vs. Taz/Candido

      21. Van Dam in ring interview … announces that he is going on to bigger and better things

      22. Shane Douglas vs. Chris Chetti

      23. Taz vs. Spike Dudley

      24. Highlights from ECW's Buffalo Invasion

      25. Comments from all the wrestlers on Rob VanDam's appearance on Raw is War

      26. Tod Gordon suspends VanDam 

    27. Raven/Richards vs. Dreamer/Funk...Dreamer takes an incredible fall down a flight of stairs/surprise ending!

    28. Preview: Terry Funk vs. Stevie Richards

    29. Promos: Stevie BWO

    25. Dudleys vs. Spike/Mikey Whipwreck

    26. Balls Mahoney challenges The Sandman

    27. Balls Mahoney vs. Sandman..Chair & Cane are legal..Post Brawl: Dreamer, Dudley, Funk, Stevie




    ECW Hardcore TV 216-219


    • Announcement of Stevie Richards injury

      2. Preview: Wrestlepalooza 97

      3. Recap: Stevie vs. Funk....tons of clips from previous matches

      4. Intrs: Stevie, Chris Candido

      5. Intr: Taz

      6. Eliminators/Taz vs. Sabu/Van Dam/D-Von Dudley

      7. Preview: Raven vs. Dreamer...All the major matches & angles are shown

      8. Dreamer Promo

      9. Show Intro with Rude & Joey

      10. Intr: Elimintors

      11. Intr: Dudleys/Gertner

      12. Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer...Final Battle..Fast paced & tons of near falls...a classic

      13. Jerry Lawler debuts....The lights go out & Van Dam appears, the lights go out again & Sabu Appears, the lights go out once more & Lawler appears...One of the greates angles ever!!!

      14. Sabu vs. Taz - Barely Legal Rematch

      15. Taz vs. Shane Douglas...Taz wins the TV title

      16. Taz Interview - Recap: Jerry Lawler's ECW debut

      17. Dreamer invades Memphis TV Studio Taping - Intr: Jerry Lawler

      18. Sabu vs. Taz...Highlights

      19. Taz vs. Shane Douglas...Taz wins TV title

      20. Intr: Taz

      21. Dudleys vs. Kronus  -  Saturn drop an elbow off the top with his leg in a cast

      22. Dudleys vs. Kronus...Title change

      23. Pitbulls/Balls Mahoney vs. Triple Threat

      24. Intr: Jerry Lawler

      25. Tommy Dreamer vs. Louie Spicolli...I Quit match

      26. Preview of next ECW Arena show

      27. Sabu/Van Dam vs. Sandman/Dreamer....First 90 seconds




    ECW Hardcore TV 220-223


    • Intr: Rick Rude

      2. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Pitbull #2

      3. Chris Candido vs. Tom Prichard..Battle of the Bodydonnas

      4. Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer/Sandman..Lights go off once again as Jerry Lawler & Jim Cornette appears Lawler canes Dreamer in the balls so hard Dreamer scream is sickening. Cornettes raquet shots are brutal..Great stuff

      5. Recap: Cornettes debut

      6. Preview: Hardcore Heaven 97

      7. Intr: Jerry Lawler

      8. Taz vs. Louie Spicolli

      9. Intr: Taz

      10. PG-13 vs. Spike Dudley/Mikey Whipwreck..Jason returns

      11. 1993 Interview with Jason

      12. Lance Storm vs. Tracy Smothers

      13. Flashback: Sandman caning Dreamer, 94

      14. Intr: Beulah

      15. Intr: Taz...burns a WWF shirt in the ring

      16. Intr: Shane Douglas/Francine on the beach...clips are shown

      17. Taz vs. Hollywood Nova...Taz destroy the BWO

      18. Triple Threat vs. Pitbulls/Balls Mahoney...Triple Threat destroy the Pitbulls in a chaotic & Exciting angle

      19. Intrs: New Jack, Joel Gertner, Sabu/Van Dam/Alfonso,Jim Cornette, Dreamer/Sandman/Beulah, Lawler, Taz, Shane Douglas, Cornette

      20. Intr: Dreamer w/ clips

      21. Gangstas vs. Dudleys...Steel Cage..New Jack dives off the top of the cage...Title change

      22. Intr: Blue Meanie...Meanie mocks Taz

      23. Intr: Dudleys/Gertner

      24. Kronus vs. Pablo Marquez

      25. Preview of the upcoming cage match

      26. Terry Funk vs. Shane Douglas....Brawl all over in & out of the building

      27. Sabu/Rob Van Dam/Jerry Lawler vs. Tommy Dreamer/Sandman/Mystery Partner..Rick Rude is the partner but turns on Dreamer & Sandman leaving them in the cage 2 on 3


    ECW Hardcore TV 224-227


    1.Sabu/Rob Van Dam/Jerry Lawler vs Tommy Dreamer/Sandman..Steel Cage This is picks up where the last show left off, Rude turns heel here..All hell breaks looses as The Triple Threat attack Terry Funk & Taz


    3.Shane Douglas/Chris Candido/Bam Bam Bigelow in ring interview

    4.Recap:HeatWave Cage Match

    5.Taz confronts Dreamer/Sandman/Beulah in the locker room

    6.Rob Van Dam in ring interview

    7. Sabu vs Bill Wyles

    8.Video recap:Buffalo Invasion II

    9.Promo:Van Dam/Sabu/Alfonso

    10.ECW Video Montage

    11.Promo:Triple Threat/Rude

    12.Rob Van Dam vs Mikey Whipwreck

    13.Intr:Rude Confrontation w/Sabu/Van Dam/Alfonso-Triple Threat


    15.Promo Sabu & Rob Van Dam

    16.Recap:Dudleys jumping New Jack


    18.Chris Candido vs Spike Dudley..Candido dresses in Taz’s gimmick & imitates him

    19.Satellite Interview:Taz

    20.Intr:Terry Funk

    21.Video Recap:Monaca 8/97 show

    22.Sabu vs Terry Funk Clips - Barbed Wire Match

    23.Preview:Hardcore Heaven ppv

    24.Spike Dudley vs Bam Bam Bigelow..Spike scores the upset

    25.Locker room Intr:Sabu/Van Dam/Alfonso, Sabu getting stitched

    26.Shane Douglas vs. Terry Funk..clips

    27.Preview:Jerry Lawler vs. Tommy Dreamer

    28.Promo:Jerry Lawler w/clips

    29.Preview:Taz vs. Candido


    31.Dudleys vs. Balls Mahoney/Axl Rotten..Hack Myers returns

    32.Preview:Dudleys vs. PG13

    33.Promo:Tommy Dreamer

    34.Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer - Big brawl with everyone

    35.Jenna Jameson promo

    36.Promo:Taz w/clips

    37.Video Stills of Hardcore Heaven 97

    38.Sabu/Van Dam attack ICP

    39.Video History of The ECW Title

    40.Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Spike stills

    41.Jerry Lawler vs. Tommy stills

    42.Video/Promo:Tommy Dreamer

    43.Tommy Dreamer video


    ECW Hardcore TV 228-231

    1.Intr: Rick Rude

    2.Shane Douglas vs.  Al Snow..Shane’s first title defense

    3.Promo: Lance Wright

    4.Taz vs. Pablo Marquez

    5.Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer - Dreamer gets buried with a WWF flag

    6.Promo:Lance Wright/ Dreamer

    7.FBI vs. Chris Chetti/Spike Dudley

    8.Intr:Chris Candido..Classic as Candido pretends to be called by WCW during the interview

    9.Sabu vs. Bobby Duncam Jr.

    10. Sabu vs. Tommy Dreamer..Sandman/RVD/Taz get involved

    11.Lance Wright interviews Taz..Taz chokes him out!

    12. Kronus vs. Tracy Smothers



    15.Shane Douglas vs. Axl Rotten

    16.Sabu jumps Sandman - Sabu breaks a beer bottle over his head & puts him through a table

    17.Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer

    18.Taz challenges Dreamer

    19.Paul Heyman addresses the resignation of Tod Gordon

    20.Promo:Shane Douglas/Francine

    21.Ceremony for Terry Funk from Wrestlefest 50 Years Of Funk

    22.Kronus vs. Big Dick Dudley..New Jack returns to Boston

    23.Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Candido

    24.Promo:Sabu/Van Dam/Alfonso

    25.Great Sasuke video

    26.Taz promo

    27.Taz vs Tommy Dreamer - Sabu/Van Dam get involved


    ECW Hardcore TV 232-235


    1. Bam Bam Bigelow  vs. Spike Dudley

    2. Recap: Lance Wrights status with ECW

    3. Taz confronts Lance Wright in Parking Lot...Fancam...Taz Tazplexes Lance on car

    4. FBI vs. Axl/Balls

    5. Great Sasuke Video

    6. Joel Gertner Interview

    7. Dudleys vs. New Jack/Kronus...Title change

    8. Shane Douglas  w/Francine Interview

    9. Shane Douglas  vs. Phil LaFon

    10. Intr: Pitbulls/Lance Wright

    11. Pitbull #2-Taz Confrontation/Brawl

    12. Sandman vs. Sabu...Sandman hits Sabu with one of the most brutal cane shots ever & Sabu throws fire

    13. Jason introduces Justin Credible

    14. Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn

    15. Chris Candido vs. Lance Storm

    16. Rob Van Damd/Bill Alfonso vs. Beulah/Tommy Dreamer – Turns into Alfonso vs. Beulah - Alfonso is a bloody mess

    17. Brian Pillman Tribute

    18. Recap: Taz-Pitbulls

    19. Intr: Taz

    20. Tommy Dreamer vs. Shane Douglas...From Wrestlefest 97

    21. Intr: Shane Douglas/Francine

    22. Recap: Dreamer/Beulah vs. Van Dam/Alfonso

    23. Recap: Sabu vs.Sandman - Fireball

    24. Sandman video

    25. Intr: Mikey Whipwreck

    26. Sandman vs. Dreamer...94

    27. Intr: Dreamer...w/clips

    28. Promo: FBI making pizza

    29. Recap: As Good As It Gets


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