Jimmy Garvin Shoot Interview DVD-R

Jimmy Garvin Shoot Interview DVD-R

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    Its a candid two-hour look at one of the most flamboyant, innovative, and controversial stars of the 80s and 90s. Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin pulls no punches as he discusses:

    • His wild days in Texas as part of World Class.
    • The behind the scenes story of Sunshine.
    • The details of why he felt cheated about his Texas Stadium payoff.
    • The inside story of beating the Road Warriors for the AWA World Tag Team Championship.
    • Why he made the AWA office squirm about dropping the tag titles.
    • The reason he feels his runs in WCW were sabotaged.
    • Why he was always an outcast even while drawing successfully for WCW.
    • The wrestler he says that always had his head "up Ric Flairs butt."
    • The origination of the Gorgeous Jimmy persona.
    • How the original Precious caused problems in his marriage.
    • How he finally got his wife Patti to become Precious.
    • Why he turned down offers from the WWE.
    • Why the Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin/Precious vs Gentleman Chris Adams/Sunshine feud was so successful.
    • Why the run with Rick Martel was so successful.
    • How he compares Chris Adams, Rick Martel, and Ric Flair.
    • His regrets about his experiences in Japan.
    • Why his relationship is strained with wrestling brother Ronnie Garvin.
    • How they overcame their differences to become top draws as a team.

    Its two hours of never b


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    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Jimmy Garvin Shoot, 9.1.2006
    Reviewer: patrick hanna (phila, PA)

    "this was fantastic i am a big 80's fan. to see jimmy garvin after all these years was great. this was very indepth interview.i found out so much about the 80's promotions that i never knew. all fans of old wccw nwa awa need to see this