Jackie Gayda Shoot Interview DVD-R

Jackie Gayda Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Co-winner of Season two's edition of Tough Enough, WWE Diva, TNA Knockout, wife to Charlie Haas - Jackie Gayda has accomplished several of her wrestling related dreams during her relatively short professional wrestling career. Gayda now adds a shoot interview to this impressive list as she sat down with us to film an exciting new shoot!  Fans of Tough Enough, or this fine diva will love to hear her first person accounts of her time in the wonderful world of wrestling. Gayda's entire run is covered here and she talks about everything in great detail, Jackie answers all the tough questions concerning MTV's Tough Enough while discussing her training with Al Snow and Bill DeMott. Jackie gave us her thoughts on Linda Miles, the other co-winner of the show, and explains why Miles' WWE career was a mercifully short one. Hawk, Pete, tons of alcohol, everything you could possibly want to know about one of Tough Enough's best casts is dissected by Jackie,  even the legendary hot tub incident, before we went into her time in Ohio Valley Wrestling. You know you will love the Jim Cornette stories as Jackie talked about her training in WWE's developmental territory.

Jackie was brought up to the big show early and gives tons of details on her  key matches and personalities that she encountered while working  on wrestling's biggest stage. Jackie's hilarious appearance on the TV show Blind Date is covered and we dig into why WWE didn't follow up on that unique opportunity. Jackie talks about meeting Charlie Hass while on SmackDown and also gives details on other superstars including Kurt Angle, Dawn Marie and the Dudleys. You'll get the low down from Gayda on the WWE locker room, and her account of being let go by the WWE, as well as thoughts on the diva search. Jackie then finishes up by going through her introduction to the indy scene as well as working in TNA. As an added bonus we get all the scoops on a pro wrestling love story is discussed as we get first hand accounts of Charlie and Jackie's first date, wedding, and termination right after the wedding.  What is their relationship like now that they are an interpromotional couple?  How does  Jackie feel about Hass going back to WWE?  What is Jackie's future going to be like?  Yes, all of this and SO MUCH MORE! For fans of our top selling Tammy Sytch shoot, Jackie responds to Tammy's claims of disrespect! One of wrestling's hottest beauties with a fantastic new two hour shoot!

  • Were you a fan of wrestling before Tough Enough
  • Who did you enjoy watching if so
  • How did you find out about Tough Enough
  • What were your objectives going into TE? Was it to win and have a career in WWE or win and parlay it into other opportunities
  • Did you see TE 1 and thoughts
  • Did you train for the try outs
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