Lanny Poffo Shoot Interview DVD-R

Lanny Poffo Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Never before has someone taken us into the WWF during its prime and told so many stories about everyone of its top workers during its prime period of business. Lanny Poffo was one of the most outspoken guys we have ever sat down with.
Lanny took us on a journey like nobody else has ever before. He went over every aspect of his career in great detail and he did not leave any rock unturned. You will hear everything about his brother the "Macho Man" Randy Savage as well. The stories are amazing from beginning to end.

Lanny talks about working with all of the greats early on and how they all helped him when he got into the WWF. He goes through promotions from Memphis to Portland to Texas and others before landing his job in WWF.

His tenure in the WWF was a long one and he had so many amazing stories today. His heat with Ole Anderson is worth the shoot alone and how he took Ric Flair's back early on was talked about. It was also emotional as Lanny talks about the death of Elizabeth and how Randy treated her.

What was it like to work with all of the top names like Hulk Hogan, Terry Funk, Curt Henning and so many more? How he got his job in WCW and what is in the future for Lanny Poffo. This interview was 4 hours.

Here are some of the questions we asked Lanny Poffo:

-What was it like growing up in a wrestling family
-How close were you and your brother to the inside of the business as kids
-Did your dad kayfabe you
-At what point did you want to be a wrestler
-Traveling on the road with his dad and Randy
-Randy Savages baseball background
-WHo was a better worker and how they both got trained by their fathers
-Talks about thier first matches in the ring
-His first gimmick and how he created it
-Talked about going all over with his Dad and Randy before starting thier own promotion
-Why they never got along with anyone when they first ran
-Early memories of Roddy Piper in Portland Wrestling
-How Terry Funk put him over in TX and what he went thru in that promotion
-What was it like running opposition to Lawlers group
-Is it true that you and your brother used to carry a gun around
-Thoughts of Jimmy Crocketts NWA in the late 70's
-Lanny talks about his problems with Ole Anderson for over 20 minutes and this is one of the best parts of this interview as he defends Rick Flair against Ole Anderson
-Why there was so much heat between the two and what the fighting was really about
-When do you first remember meeting Elizabeth
-How did you find out that your Dad made a deal with Lawler and Jarrett
-Were you aprehensive about going into the Memphis locker room for the first time
-How did you and your family prevent any kind of a double cross
-Memories of first working with lawler
-Memories of your series with the RnR Express
-Do you see yourself as an innovator of table breaking with the famous pile driver spot
-How did you and your brother wind up in the WWF
-How Vince saw his brother for the first time drop the elbow from the top rope
-What his brother did to get him into the WWE
-Dr D David Shultz and 20-20


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4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 Very Good, 11.18.2008
Reviewer: Bernard Maxwell (West Islip, NY)

Surprisingly its a very good DVD. Hes a very wise person very humble seems like a really good guy. Pretty good stories too