Best of HighspotsTV Volume Two DVD-R

Best of HighspotsTV Volume Two DVD-R

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See some of the best episodes from Highspots.TV featuring the wild and wackyProject Paul London, the ever-controversial Brickhouse Brown,join Sinn & Stacy in Bed, plus wrestling matches! After watching this you'll be kicking yourself for waiting so long to subscribe to Highspots.TV!


  • PROJECT: Paul London Mission Statement
    In the debut episode of PROJECT: Paul London, Paul gives you a taste of the craziness to come. Over a decade ago Paul was a wide-eyed, positive, well-adjusted, young boy whos dream was to be a pro wrestler. Now, after achieving all his dreams Paul finds himself a man who hates and is frustrated with the thing he loves the most. Paul is extremely upset with the world of pro wrestling today and he is not shy about sharing his feels. PROJECT: Paul London is designed to take a look inside the mind of a man who like the mythical character, Icarus, flew too close to the sun and got burned. On this journey you will see a positive and laid back individual and other times you will see a man who make you scared for his own well being. One thing is for sure what you will see is 100% Paul London.
  • PROJECT: Paul London Get It Together Paul Season 1 Finale
    Paul has finally cracked and the Highspots TV cameras are there for the downfall. Watch as Paul losses his mind more so than usual.
  • Brickhouse TV Season 2 Episode 2
    This episode covers a wide variety of things such as, a personal apology to Johnny Rich, the reason why Tito Santana hates him, who is the best tag team .. in the bedroom and a big F U to Magee, Mississippi. This is a must watch episode of Brickhouse TV!
  • Breakfest in Bed with Stacy Carter & Sin Bodhi - Part 2
    In part 2 Stacy and Sinn talks about their first times on a national wrestling product. Sinn talks about how he ended up on NWA-TNA and how he became a part of James Mitchells New Church. Stacy tells us how she ended up in the WWF without ever being contacted personally by anyone from the WWF. She also talks about her time with Debra and Jeff Jarrett. Sinn also shares his memories of working with Jeff. Another person these two know very well is Wolfie D. Stacy and Sinn have plenty of good things to say about him and plenty of crazy stories about his long time partner, Jamie Dundee. Just when you thought you heard all the Jamie Dundee stories Sinn has a few more that are absolutely hilarious.
    Featuring: G.I. Ho, Pussy Willow, Tai Killer Weed, Gorgeous George and MANY MORE
    • Al Snow vs. Osamu Nishimura -1/15/95 - Handheld Footage but its a Extremely Rare Video
    • Before They Were on Raw: Randy Orton vs. Jason Lee
    • Colt Cabana vs. Mr. Ken Anderson IWA Mid South Ted Petty Invitational Tournament 11/1/02
    • Before They Were on Raw: Matt Hardy (Surge) vs. Jeff Hardy (Willow the Wisp) Soul City Wrestling Norristown, PA 12/22/96
    • Jizust Mizarried
    • When Paul London Met Shane Douglas
    • On the Bear Skin Rug


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