Craig Pittman figure and shoot combo

Craig Pittman figure and shoot combo

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  • Craig Pittman WCW Wrestling Figure

  • Craig Pittman Shoot Interview

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    He's proudly served his country in the United States Marine Corp; won world championships as an amateur wrestler; wrestled in front of millions on WCW television and survived life on the road with the Nasty Boys. He's Craig "Pitbull" Pittman and in his first ever sitdown interview, Pittman opens up about his life experiences and wrestling career.

    Hear his memories from the 1989 Greco World Finals where he faced off against the world-renowned Alexander Karelin. Find out what motivated him to serve his country and what comparisons can we draw between his two careers. How did boot camp match up with the grueling WCW Power Plant? What did his fellow Marines think of his new career choice? Learn how the 16-time former World Champion Ric Flair opened the door for Pittman to pursue a WCW contract.

    Of course, no discussion of WCW would be complete without talking about the backstage politics. Who was in what clique? How did things change when Bischoff took control? What was morale like for the WCW crew when Hogan, Savage, Hall and Nash were brought in? Hear a truthful, forthcoming, first hand account of what it was like to break into WCW just as it started gaining steam. Just at Pittman began to develop as a seasoned pro, WCW exploded in popularity. With Nitro a booming success and new wrestlers being signed virtually every day, the rich talent pool and stiff competition for spots left virtually no room for rookie mistakes. "Sarge" is honest and forthcoming about his strengths and his weaknesses during his formulative years in the business.

    Pittman traveled extensively with Teddy Long and we ask if he is surprised by how well Teddy has done for himself in WWE since WCW's demise. He opens up about racism in the business detailing what he saw first hand at WCW and if it was or was not a problem there. We ask him about being one of the first wrestlers to popularize rappelling into the ring from the rafters and he speaks solemnly about his feelings when he first heard Owen Hart had died performing a stunt that he had d


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