The Sandman 2004 Shoot Interview DVD-R

The Sandman 2004 Shoot Interview DVD-R

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RF Video sat down for the third time with the "Hardcore Icon" The Sandman on 11/19/04 in Queens, NY for another shoot interview.
Here are some of the questions we asked The Sandman:

-How have you been?
-You recently got out of jail, why did you go to jail?
-What was jail like?
-Did any inmates know you were a wrestler? Did any of the guards?
-How was it being in jail without drinking?
-How long were you in jail?
-What's it like to be out of jail?
-Do you think you'll ever go to jail again?
-Did anyone mark out for you in jail where you would get really good treatment?
-How has jail affected your life?
-How do you think going to jail affected your wrestling career?
-Do you think you havea drinking problem?
-When ECW closed in 2001 did you ever think people would still be chanting ECW chants at indy shows today?
-You worked for John Collins MECW promotion against Sabu in a TLC match. What are your thoughts on that match?
-What are your thoughts on John Collins? Would you consider him a money mark?
-What are your thoughts on XPW?
-Rob Black?
-What were your thoughts on the Philly Wars?
-John Zandig?
-Do you feel that the ECW Arena has been whored out by all these promotions runnin gin it?
-Have you tried going to the WWE since ECW shut down? Why do you think you're not there?
-Do you even watch WWE?
-What were your thoughts during the ECW invasion angle in WWE in 2001?
-What are your thoughts on how WWE uses ex ECW guys?
-Do you think a former ex ECW Heavyweight Champion will ever hold a WWE World title?
-Do you think RVD is a victim of politics?
-Do you think ECW guys get typecast from not working WWE such as yourself, Mahoney and Axl?
-What are your thoughts on Eric Bischoff working for WWE?
-What are your thouths on Paul E working for WWE?
-What are your thoughts on Paul E today?
-In 2002 and 2003 you worked for 3PW but haven't been back since December of 2003. Why aren't you there?
-What are your thoughts on Jasmin?
-Thoughts on Tod Gordon?
-Thoughts on BLue Meanie?
-Alot of people said Blue Meanie has changed since going out with Jasmin. Do you find that true? Is Meanie better or
-worse without Jasmin?
-What did you like about 3PW?
-What didn't you like in 3PW?
-What matches in 3PW did you like?
-Who in 3PW didn't you like?
-Do you think 3PW can be successful by bein an ECW nostalgia fed?
-Would you go back?
-You worked for TNA. What was it like there?
-What are the politics like in TNA? How do the politics in TNA compare to WWE or ECW?
-Do you think JJ abuses his power in TNA?
-What do you think about Vince Russo?
-DO you think TNA can be a competitor to the WWE?
-Do you think TNA turned WCW Thunderish?
-What was it like working Raven there?
-Thoughts on Raven and wrestling hima ll over the indies.
-You been working for Frank Goodmans USA PW for some time. What are your thoughts on Frank Goodman?
-Thoughts on Eddie Graham (HAHAHAHA)
-What are your thoughts on the feud with Raven in USA PW?
-What are your thoughts on Raven the person?
-Your career has paralleled Ravens alot and you've been in alot of the same feds as him. Is Raven your biggest opponent?
-Thoughts on feuding with Raven all over?
-Is Raven easy to work with?
-Do you think USA PW is under utilized?
-Do you think Frank worries more about money than having a quality show?
-What are your thoughts on Jac Sabboth and working for UCW/ICW?
-Were you ever stiffed by Jac Sabboth?
-What do you think about the state of NY indy wrestling?
-Thoughts on Low Ki?
-What are your thoughts on the strong style version of wrestling?
-Do you think strong style has replaced hardcore wrestling on the indies?
-What are your thoughts on Billy Reil? Do you think he was any good? Do you think he lies alot?
-What are your thoughts on wrestling Al snow for USA PW wrestling?
-What do you think about T


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