Jillian Hall Shoot Interview DVD-R

Jillian Hall Shoot Interview DVD-R

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An amazing shoot interview with former WWE Diva Jillian Hall! 
Jillian who was a long time wrestling fan growing up talks about how she broke into the wrestling business and made it from a small town girl into the big spot lights of the WWE.

Jillian just like many other WWE superstars had to go thru the farm system in OVW and she talks all about that experience and also what it was like to train with other up and coming superstars down there.  She talks about all of her earlier gimmicks down on OVW and how she got the call that she was going to debut on Smackdown.

We talk to her about her early angle with MNM and what she thought of Melina early on.  Jillian talks about many women that she shared the locker room with including Melina, Gail Kim, Mickie James,Tori Wilson, Stacey Keibler Candice Michelle, Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, Layla, Katie Lee Burchill and so many more.

You will hear how she got placed with JBL and of course we talk about her infamous mole that she had to use to get herself over.  You will hear also how it got chewed off her face with the Boogieman and how she thought that might have been it for her WWE run.  She talked to us about being put with Spanky and London and to finally getting the break to start to wrestle once again in the womens division.

What was it like working with Chris Benoit?  What about when her boobs broke and leaked into her brain?  Was there backstage heat with any other divas?

She talked in great detail about all of her opponents in the WWE rings and shares a ton of locker room stories that you have never heard before. Why did she leave the WWE and what happened with her and Johnny Ace on the phone... If your a fan of the WWE Divas your going to want to add this interview to your collection.  We even have better news for youwe did not have her sing during this interview!!!

In addition you will also receive a FREE bonus women's match as Jillian Hall takes on Mickie James from 10/7/11 in Manville, NJ at the end of the interview!!!

How did you get started in the business
Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Talk about your cheerleading background
Did you use to go to house shows when you were younger
Who was your mentor
Who trained you
How did you meet Dave Finlay
What was he like as a teacher
What was training like on a typical day take us thru your routine
What was harder to learn..how to bump or the psychology
Who came up with the ring name Marcaila Mercedes
Talk about what it was like to work on the indy scene in 1998
Memories of Glory
Memories of working with Fabulous Freebird Phoenix
Talk about OVW
Who was the trainer down there when you started
What was it like being down in the farm system for the WWE
Talk about the typical day of training down in OVW
What other wrestlers were in your group at the time
Who gave you the name Chronically Cute down in OVW
Memories of working with MIcky James at the start
Thoughts on her heel turn when her implants leaked into her brain causing her to go heel
Thoughts on managing Blonde Bombers Tank and Chad Toland
Thoughts on Melissa Coates
Thoughts on the Mole gimmick did she like it
Memories of


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