Chyna Doll Shoot Interview DVD-R

Chyna Doll Shoot Interview DVD-R

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    The 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna, gave RF VIDEO an exclusive shoot interview that will be the talk of the wrestling world for years. Often the center of controversy, Chyna finally sets the record straight on all the hot topics. We grilled Joanie on her entire career that included: being trained by Killer Kowalski,her ultra popular WWE run, Playboy photo shoot, the tumultuous relationship with Sean Waltman, VH1's Surreal Life, , and much, much more! This is one interview that will tear at your heart strings as Joanie emotionally describes for us in great detail about what it is like being one of the most recognizable women in wrestling history.

    What makes this shoot stand out is the incredible amount of detail Chyna went into concerning her relationship with Triple H. If you thought that Matt Hardy put all the cards on the table in his great shoot with us, then you won't believe how much information Joanie gives. Telling never-before-heard-stories, Chyna talked about how she found out HHH was cheating on her and the immediate confrontation with Vince McMahon himself.

    But that's not all! Chyna gives all the juicy details on the subjects wrestling fans want to know. Which WWE main event star refused to sell for her? Why was The Kat really fired? Does she regret anything in her book? What went wrong in her match with Chono in Japan? What is the real story between Joanie and TNA? These and many more questions are answered in one of the most emotional shoots RF VIDEO has had the privilege to be a part of.

    Were you a fan growing up
    When did you get into fitness and bodybuilding
    How did you hook up with Killer Kowalski
    Was wrestling harder to pick up than you thought
    Is it true you dated Perry Saturn during this time and if so, thoughts, memories on Perry
    Did you know HHH in training
    You attended an ECW house show, were there ever any plans for you to start working there
    Memories of your time on the indys and matches
    How did you get into the WWE
    Killer Kowalski has been outspoken at being disappointed you did not credit him in your book, what was his part in getting you into the WWE
    Initial thoughts on Vince
    Who's idea was it to pair you and HHH
    Initial thoughts on HHH
    How were you received by the locker room
    Initial thoughts on Shawn
    What was the Bret-Shawn dynamic like
    How was your push affected by what happened at the Farewell to the Clique in MSG
    How in control of the locker room were Shawn and Hunter
    Is it true that Steve Austin did not want to sell for you, and thoughts if so
    Did anyone else refuse to sell for you
    Thoughts on Steve Austin
    Thoughts on the rise of the Rock
    How did Austin and Rock change with success
    Thoughts on your program with Dustin and Marlena
    How did you change your body to go from body builder to more fit
    Memories of Survivor Series 97
    Do you think that Bret was treated fairly
    How did the locker room change towards Shawn and Hunter right after
    At what point did your relationship with Hunte


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