Christy Hemme Shoot Interview DVD-R

Christy Hemme Shoot Interview DVD-R

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The former WWE Diva Search winner, Playboy cover model, and newest TNA Knockout, Christy Hemme met us for a one-on-one interview that uncovers the secrets you've always wanted to know about this heart-stopping beauty.

  • Were you a fan of wrestling before the Diva Search
  • What did you know about the WWE beforehand
  • Who did you enjoy watching if so
  • How did you find out about the contest
  • What were your objectives going into contest? Was it to win and have a career in WWE or win and parlay it into other opportunities
  • Did you train or diet or study wrestling going into the contest
  • What were the tryouts like
  • First impressions of Coach
  • Did any of the guys try and flirt or insinuate that you would go further if you went on a date with them, etc
  • Who was your favorite judge
  • What surprised you most about the contest
  • How did you find out you were going to the next round live on Raw
  • How did the whole process go, were the divas kept separate from the WWE talent, etc
  • Were you approached by any talent
  • Did you have a boyfriend at the time
  • Did anyone hit on you at the Raws
  • Initial impressions of Vince
  • How were you treated by the current WWE divas at that time
  • What was your favorite contest
  • Did you bond with any of the other girls
  • Thoughts on Carmella
  • When did you think you had the contest in the bag
  • What happened before the pillow fight, was it changed
  • Thoughts on how the skit with Kimala went down
  • Did you know who he was
  • Did it bother you when people would boo the contest portions live on Raw
  • Did it bother you after the contest when some girls got hired that didn't win, like Carmella
  • Were you surprised you won
  • How quickly did your life change and how
  • Did anyone mentor you after you won
  • Who did you travel with
  • Were you outcast from the locker room at all
  • Were you ribbed
  • How were you treated by the other girls
  • Thoughts on working with the Rock during the Diva Search
  • What were your thoughts the following week when you were initiated by being stripped down
  • Did the pressures early on of ribbing and just being looked down upon ever make you want to quit
  • How soon did you realize you were going to wrestle
  • Was there anything ever said to you during the contest or after about dating the boys
  • What were your thoughts on that
  • Who taught you
  • Thoughts on Fit Finley (agent in charge of women's matches)
  • Was it easy for you to pick up
  • What was the hardest thing about it
  • Thoughts on Eric Bischoff and working with him
  • Randy Orton has a rap for being horrible to women, did you notice it and did it happen to you
  • Thoughts on Amy Webber's claims that he would rib her constantly
  • Thoughts on Molly Holly
  • Thoughts on Gail Kim
  • Thoughts on Lita
  • Thoughts on working with Edge and Shawn Michaels
  • Did anyone do anything inappropriate that you would have to say something about
  • How did the Playboy deal come about
  • How did that change your life
  • Was it hard to stay level-headed during your success
  • When you were told you were wrestling Trish at Wrestlemania, what did you think
  • Do you think Trish was too stif


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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Awesome, 4.14.2009
Reviewer: Scott Romanski (Lake Ronkonkoma, New York)

This is a great interview with Ms. Hemme. I totally enjoyed watching it. I highly recommend it to every Christy Hemme fan.


5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 loved it, 4.14.2009
Reviewer: Ryan Carr (Fredericton, New Brunswick)

This is a very candid sitdown with Christy. I was thrilled with her honesty. I MUST for any Christy Hemme fans!


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