TNA Genesis 2010 DVD

TNA Genesis 2010 DVD

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TNA Wrestling presents "Genesis 2010" held January 17, 2010 from Orlando, Florida.

  1. TNA X Division Championship
    Amazing Red (c) vs. Brian Kendrick
  2. Sean Morley vs. Christopher Daniels
  3. TNA Knockout Championship (2/3 Falls)
    Tara vs. ODB (c)
  4. TNA World Tag Team Championship
    The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams - Champions) vs. Matt Morgan & Hernandez
  5. Desmond Wolfe vs. D'Angelo Dinero
  6. Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm) vs. The Band (Kevin Nash & Syxx-Pac)
  7. Mr. Anderson vs. Abyss
  8. TNA World Hwt. Title - Last Chance Match
    AJ Styles (c) vs. Kurt Angle


Average Customer Review: 4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 3 Reviews
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1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5 Bad start to 2010, 6.10.2015
Reviewer: Zachary Vanover (Albuquerque, NM)

Sadly not the best starting PPV for the Hogan/Bischoff era. New 4-sided ring and the matches were nothing special. I actually felt the matches all the way through would have been better on Impact than on this PPV. The only good moment was the debut of Mr. Anderson.


4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 Genesis 2010, 4.1.2010
Reviewer: Landon Whitaker (Phoenix, AZ)

genesis 2010

a genesis is a new start a new begining and it was for total nonstop action aka tna 2010 marked a new start with the hogan bischoff carter era. outcame new changes out with the old six sides and back with the 4 sides complete with ramp so lets let the genesis begin

Match 1 ***
X Division Championship
The Amazing Red vs Mystery Oppoent

tias was the first match of the night and not a bad one the mystery person ended up being the former brian kendrick just no more the lol
this was more a mix of ground and bit of high flying match some good counters kendrick mostly stuck with the leg doing leg submissions like boston crab and one leg boston crab red was on defence of most of the time this was about (9:04). so desent time for a x title match something thow did not click they seamed little off the ending came Red was on the apron as Kendrick charged him. Red countered the charge into his finisher Code Red aka fliping sunset powerbomb for the win and to retain

Match 2 * ASS
Daniels vs Sean Morley

sean morley formley val veins came into tna i dont know why this was so stupid a fued morley has nothing left and i am just rambling anyway match was around 9 minutes was boring nothing really to say ending was daniels got shoved off the top rope morley tryed and i mean tryed for a money shot even sliping a few times but ended up conecting for the 3

Match 3 **
Knockouts Championship
Two out of Three Falls
ODB vs Tara

this was the end of a boring draged on fued in which the title changed hands like 4 times since novs turning point now this was not to bad of a match around 10 minutes i think odb got injured in thre start rumor was a breast implant exploded lol so tara mosly domanted this getting the 1st fall with a role up and the 2 fall with her widows peak
winner and new knockouts champion tara

Match 4****
TNA Tag Team Championship
British Invasion vs Hernandez & Matt Morgan
this was A FUKING AWESOMe match around 10 mintues brits controled about half of it with super dna of tna the other half some very good moves like a running boot into a german suplex from the brits a backbreaker flapjack from hern the ending came when super mex gave doug a running shoulder block aka the POUNCE !!! then a domnater to mag and a carbon footprint from morgan for the 3
WINNERS and new tag team champions Hernandez & Matt Morgan

Match 5 *****
Desmond Wolfe vs The Pope D'Angelo Dinero
ok u got a former elijha burke from wwe and a former nigel from roh see this is how u do a WRESTLING MATCH WWE TAKE SOME FUKING NOTES anyway 1 last thiing how u let bukre get away from u bs and ha ha tna got wolfe lol anyway this would be the return match from the jan4th life show this was very good match around 13 mintues wolfe spend most of the time on the leg of the pope doing submissions i cant even discribe to name a few stf one leg boston crab some others good moves like snapmare inro the ropes pope doing some very good moves of his own like a piledriver boston crab in the 3th and 2th ropes some kick ass counters like pope reversing the tower of london into a running sto ending came whenpope went for the dangelo express but missed into a fuking HUGE larriot from desmond for the win fuking awesome match

Match 6 **
Beer Money vs The Band/ Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman
the band aka nash hall and waltman this was suspost to be a outsiders reunion but go figure lol hall backed out so waltman took his place this was a ok match around 9 minutes nothing really to say storm got dommnated most of it until the hot tag to roode ending came when hall came dowqn and started a fight with a fan waltman would go off to see wtf is going on storm got a superkick on nash with roode getting the jackknife pin get it jackknife lol

Match 7 *
Abyss vs Mystery Person
now this was suspost to be abyss vs bobby lashley but he had mma so abyss attacked him and bischoff said ok u get someone d


5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 the start of the war between wwe and tna, 4.1.2010
Reviewer: mark harris (lynnwood, WA)

this ppv was the beginning of what the fans want to see not what vince forces you to watch every week on mondays. the fans want wrestling not sports entertainment. I am tired of seeing the same sh:t every time i want to watch wrestling. at least tna give me and the fans of wrestling not sports entertainment the opition to choose real wrestling and not the creepy wrestling you see when you watch wwe. tna reminds me when i was watching ecw and wwe was stealing their ideas and calling it like it was some thing that they just came up with. good luck to tna beating wwe in the fucture.


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