ECW 2-Pack DVD Set

ECW 2-Pack DVD Set

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Get "The Rise and Fall of ECW" 2-disc set AND "ECW: One Night Stand 2005" for one low price!!


Follow the rise and fall of Extreme Championship Wrestling on this special Double DVD release!

E-C-W! E-C-W! E-C-W!" - a chant heard in arenas around the world.

ECW: Extreme Championship Wrestling redefined professional wrestling in the '90s with a reckless, brutal, death-defying, and often bloody style that came to be known as "hardcore." It attracted a rabid, cult-like following that is still going strong today.

This 6-hour, 2-disc set follows the rise and eventual demise of the company that raised the bar and revolutionized sports-entertainment forever.


  1. Early ECW
  2. The Public Enemy
  3. Taz
  4. Sabu
  5. Terry Funk
  6. The Night The Line Was Crossed
  7. Paul Heyman vs. WCW
  8. Tommy Dreamer
  9. The Sandman
  10. Sandman-Dreamer Feud
  11. ECW Evolution
  12. Cactus Jack
  13. Mikey Whipwreck
  14. The Extreme Begins
  15. Philadelphia
  16. Technical Wrestlers
  17. Production Value
  18. The Fans
  19. Raven/Dreamer
  20. Sabu Gets fired
  21. Taz breaks his neck
  22. The Monday Night War
  23. Lucha Libre
  24. Steve Austin Comes to ECW
  25. Promos
  26. Cactus Jack Leaves ECW
  27. Taz returns
  28. Sandman/Raven
  29. The bWo
  30. Beulah & Dreamer


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