Behind Closed Doors: Extreme Summit DVD-R

Behind Closed Doors: Extreme Summit DVD-R

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In 1985 the leaders of the Super Powers, USA's Ronald Reagan and USSR's Mikhail Gorbachev, got together in Switzerland and held a summit which grabbed the attention of the world. Now, 20 years later, wrestling has assembled a summit of its own, the Extreme Summit, and the participants are the leaders of the hardcore revolution: Tod Gordon, Sandman, Too Cold Scorpion and Bill Alfonso! This is the DVD that will make you feel like you are sitting in on one hell of a party. You've heard the outrageous stories about ECW; the insanity, the debauchery and the brutality. Now hear it straight from the men who redefined what hardcore wrestling was all about in this exclusive interview with all four of these guys at once.

This was the origianl extreme clique. These guys traveled all over the road together when ECW started, when it was a close knit family. The stories that they share are hilarious and have NEVER been told before on camera. You think you've heard it all? Well think again. Sandman had no sleep for 24 hours before this interview, so he was off the wall!!!! It was also 4:20 when we did this interview if you catch our drift! The video contains alot of crazy stories, told by some of the best talkers in the business. There was also some major stuff going on during this interview that old school ECW fans will pop for as you will see first hand what kind of partying these guys did. The stories that they told are legendary, and you get to be a fly on the wall to hear them all. Who slept with who? What kind of trouble did these guys get into on the road? They talk alot about the ECW Hardcore Homecoming PPV and also the WWE version of ECW. You will finally hear how all the guys felt about Paul Heyman. What they thought about Tod leaving the company and if they thought Tod was shafted by Paul Heyman. Who did what kind of drugs? How Sandman almost died a few times and nobody knew. How Bill Alfonso went to a WAWA at 4AM and worked a inury in one of the aisles to get free medical treatment. This interview is loaded with crazy funny stories that will have you crying from laughing so hard.It's all about the wild and crazy nights.

We discussed the early days of ECW and we talked aboutall the early wrestlers in ECW. Sandman and Scorpio exchanged crazy sex stories about ring rats. What went on in the hotel rooms when they would share rooms? They talked about their famous matches together as a tag team. You will hear stuff about Cactus Jack and the Sandman that are will blow your mind. All three guys team up on Fonize as well about his pick of the local rats. They talk about all their famous matches and angles as well. This is just a very fun interview to watch. We talked alot about what the future of wrestling should be. In fact this was not like any interview we have ever conducted before, it was like six guys, having a blast just telling stories about ECW. It is just hilarious as everyone was in a great mood. Here is a list of just some of the topics that we discussed:

  • For all of you, can you update us on what you are doing today since the last time you were each in ECW?
  • How did the 3 of you react when Tod was let go/resigned?
  • Tod, Paul Heyman on the ECW DVD talks about the whole "mole" fiasco, breaking into your voice mail, etc. How true was what he said and what really happened?
  • Were any of you contacted about a jump to WCW through Tod?
  • How accurate do you


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3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5 ah...soso, 9.7.2005
Reviewer: jon martin (westland, MI)

"a pretty good shoot with all four men


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