Japanese Hardcore Wrestling Vol. 9 DVD

Japanese Hardcore Wrestling Vol. 9 DVD

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The action is fierce and intense in this latest installment of Japanese Hardcore Wrestling. Death Match legends Mr. Pogo and Shadow WX team up to take on Kanemura and Necro Butcher in an all out battle. Tag team champs Hero and Kudo have their hands full when they fight Daisuke Sekimoto and Katsumasa Inoue. The main event is an all out blood bath when Ito and Sasaki battle each other in a 300 florescent light bulb death match! Also featured matches include: Kasai vs. Numasawa, Mikami vs. Dick Togo and Nakanishi vs. Yoshida. Japanese Hardcore Wrestling 9...as close as you can get without getting drop-kicked in the face!!

  1. Kasai vs. Numasawa
  2. Daisuke Sekimoto & Katsumasa Inoue vs. Hero & Kudo
  3. Mr. Pogo & Shadow WX vs. Kanemura & Necro Butcher
  4. Mikami vs. Dick Togo
  5. Nakanishi vs. Yoshida
  6. Ito vs. Sasaki (300 florescent light bulb death match)


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