Bang TV 'Ladies, Ladders, & Legends' (04-25-04) DVD-R

Bang TV 'Ladies, Ladders, & Legends' (04-25-04) DVD-R

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"Ladies Ladders and Legends"
At the Dory Funk Arena inside Skatemania
The producer of !BANG! TV Marti Funk

Ladies, Ladders and Legends is an all star card featuring, Flair, Funk, Windsor, McDaniel, Missy Hyatt, Flex Cassidy, Erin Elyse, The Claw, Bret Van Michaels, Kid Destiny and Simply Luscious.

  1. Handicap Match: Magnum the Giant vs. Kid Destiny & Bret Van Michaels
    Magnum the Giant at 7' tall and 320 pounds and now after winning his match in Tokyo Dome on May 3, Magnum has become an international star performing for the Funking Conservatory on !BANG! TV. In this match, Magnum wrestles two men at the same time under tag team rules. His opponents are the young and high flying Kid Destiny and the man with three famous names, Bret Van Michaels.
  2. "The Royal Stud" Adam Windsor interviews Missy Hyatt and Cowgirl Gabriele
    The second segment is a monologue from the center of the ring staring The Royal Stud Adam Windsor. Adam calls out The First Lady of Professional Wrestling Missy Hyatt. He also brings out for special introduction the newest Diva of the Funking Conservatory, University of Florida track and field star, Erin Alyse.
  3. Missy Hyattvs.The Claw with special referee "The Royal Stud" Adam Windsor
    In the third match on the card is agirlsmatch with the official being the Royal Stud, Adam Windsor.This match features Cat fighting and some good wrestling holds by thehighly intense wrestlers.
  4. Kid Destiny vs. Bret Van Michael with special referee Magnum the Giant
    In the forth segment, Kid Destiny wrestles Bret Van Michael. Earlier in the show, Bret and the Kid had trouble getting along and were settled by Magnum the Giant. Giant returns to officiate this match.
  5. Dory Funk Jr. vs. David Flair
    In the next match, Dory Funk Jr. goes up against the "Son of a Legend" and a "Legend in the making" David Flair. David Flair performs much in the style of his very famous father in this match with many of the mannerisms and wrestling maneuvers used by the great Ric Flair.
  6. Triple Threat Ladder Match: "The Royal Stud" Adam Windsor vs. Li'l Wahoo McDaniel vs. Simba
    The final segment on this video tape is a Ladder match between The Royal Stud, Adam Windsor, Simba and another "Son of a Legend," Li'l Wahoo McDaniel. This match begins with wrestling and ends in a blood bath on one of the three. Hanging from the ceiling is the Funking Conservatory's World Heavyweight Championship Belt. To win the prize one of the three must climb the ladder to claim the title.


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